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At a loss here!

In May 2007 I had I-131 done.  I am currently on Levothyroxine 100 MCG daily.  My most recent lab work was in Feb. 2008 showing Total T4 at 9.7    TSH at 2.077   Free T4 at 1.7    Since December 2007 I started breaking out with acne on my cheeks.  I never had a problem before with acne.  I am also suffering from hair loss (like many of you out there).  According to my dr.  this should have stopped by now.  At my last dr's appt in Feb 08, I asked him about the acne and hair loss, his answer was, "I really don't know what to say about that."  I know there is something out there that can be done.  Does any one have ANY suggestions?   I'm so frustrated at this I don't want to call my dr. and go off on him!
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A low ferritin can apparently cause hair loss. Ferritin is the storage protein for iron. If it is low, you have iron deficiency, which can occur without anemia.

Dermatologists say a level over 50 is best.

I don't know about the acne.
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Has your doctor looked into ovarian hormones: Testosterone and Dhea-s?
P.C.O.S. (which quite of few women with Hashimotos has) can cause acne and hair loss as well.

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