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Autoimmune Hypothyroidism?


Just a brief summary of my overall health....when I turned 13 I experienced chronic fatigue (slept all day and couldn't even get schoolwork done) and depression. In my late teens and early twenties, I always felt an extreme lack of energy and inability to focus on anything + periodic hair loss and premature graying. Not to mention that I have an apparently weak immune system which caused me to get boils on my legs over a period of 6 or 7 months.I am in my late twenties now and have reached a point where I can't function at work and am now on sick leave. I have just about every single symptom of hypothyroidism -except for brittle nails. I've been losing lots of hair over the past 8 months - my eyes are extremely puffy - I've gained weight and am unable to lose it or gain muscle mass - despite vigorous exercising.  I'm experiencing memory loss and I often find it difficult to speak or focus at all. I am exhausted and unable to get out of bed - I have heart palpitations and panic attacks. I'm constantly dehydrated and urinate quite frequently (every 10 min), but my blood sugar is 6 which is normal, I guess. I had a blood test done - and these are my results:  S-Anti-TPO = 132*     Free T3 = 4.3    Free T4 = 4.3    S-TSH = 1.2    it also showed that I have a vitamin B12, D, and Iron deficiency.  My doctor thinks my problem is stress but she agreed to have me take Thyroxine for a few weeks to see how things go  - but I'm not sure what my problem is....is it the vitamin deficiencies, depression/mental illness, or autoimmune thyroiditis? Is it dangerous for me to take this medication? Could this be the start of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism? If the latter, then could taking these pills be dangerous? Can it cause cancer or be detrimental to my health?

I'd appreciate your help and guidance!
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what dose of Thyroid med are you taking?  What was the range for the tests you gave results for.

THe B12 and Iron deficiency definitely need to be treated.  have you been tested for Celiac (Gluten intollerance).  If not you should be and maybe you should try trial gluten free diet regardless to see if it makes you feel better.

Once you answer the rnage info maybe we can give you some better feedback.

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My sister had many of they symptoms you talk about, including the boils.  She found out that she had severe gluten intollerance.  Now that she is strictly gluten free she has no more problems.

Please research on celiac and gluten free.  Best wishes
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So my doctor tested me for celiac disease (blood test) - the results turned out to be negative. I went on a gluten-free diet for about 3 months...I didn't notice any changes...but I'll mention it to my doctor again...

I haven't started yet, but she prescribed me with 50 mcg pills of Levaxine.

Here are my results:

range = 15-200
my result = 15

Vitamin D
range = 50-150
my result = 30

Vitamin B12
range = 170-650
my result = 170

Free T4
range = 9.0-22.0
my result = 13.1

Free T3
range = 2.3- 5.7
my result = 4.3

Antithyroid Antibodies (Anti-TPO)
range = less than 35
my result = 132

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