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BBB8911 - I too have Hashimoto's-More Info & Tips

BBB8911 - Hope this information helps you.

I've read and heard that after the thyroid is removed, it "could" make the symptomology worse.  WHY the thyroid is take it out is the BIG question.  Of course you have no choice in Major Medicine if you have a cancerous tumor - but "talk to people" who've had it out and the reasoning behind it and ask how they feel - prior and post.  I have not heard good things. I have not had any Endo or Doc advise me to have this done; but if I couldn't swallow or the goiter bothered me constantly, then I'd "consider it" - along with the pro's and con's - if it was optional.  How do you know if your thyroid is still working at all?  First, I hope you have a good Endo or I.M./Endo who would review your symptomolgy.  You can do that on about.com - which is a site I trust, or other sites - about.com have Symtomology Quizes. And symptoms like hair falling or thinning out, thinning eyebrows to no eyebrows, nails brittle and easily broken, puffy face, fatigue - those are just a few - there's such a wide range.  And if you feel worse, it could be 1 of 2 things (or more) a FLARE-UP or you're not on the right meds/right dosage. OR OTHER. When I get a flare-up, I speak more hoarsely, have more muscle aches, more fatigue, depressed, more weight gain, - which was MY INITIAL SIGN - I should have noticed as I used to go to a pain doc 1/month and was weighed and my BP checked - but within 6 months I gained 45 pounds and felt horrible but NO ONE could find anything - I didn't change a thing in my diet. I stick pretty much to an Organic Atkins diet (w/no red meat-per MY doc) and use Agave Nectar or Yacon Syrup or Stevia (an herb-looks like sugar) and that helps keep my weight in check with loads of veggies, except the -Goitrogen ones - broccoli, kale, spinach, etc. - some say it's okay to eat those IF they are cooked; but not taking any chances.  But really, talk to your doc or find one - there are tests to see if it is still functioning - just don't let your Doc depend strictly upon the TSH - and it should be .3 to 3.0 which is the normal range, according to the AACE. No doc I've been to, even Endo's, have it right on paper; but they should know - but some docs just look at the "OUT OF RANGE" and that's it. I was always w/i 1 or 2 points for at least 5 different things but because it wasn't in the column, the Doc didn't notice..You should also have your T3 and T4 checked for any thyroid problem; there's also FT3 and FT4 and others. Ask your Doc your TSH, etc. scores or better still, get copy a your lab work so you can have it and share it w/other docs; then you're not always "getting records". VEry Important - ASK if you should take your MEDS that day when your bloodwork is done - a lot of RX drugs can interfere with results. If you don't have a doc or want a second opinion, go to about.com and check out the Top Thyroid Docs from Mary Shomon. There's a list for each state. Thanks to Mary Shomon on about.com that's how I found MY doc, whom I adore, after getting NO where with the endos. I found most of them were buried with Diabetic patients and couldn't handle cases like mine - plus I have no adrenal function either and then some. But this is about you and tips: about HE - *Hashimoto's Encephalopathy (H.E.) - "A relapsing encephalopathy occurring in association with Hashimoto's Disease, with high titers of antithyroid antibodies. Clinically, the condition presents with altered consciousness, confusion, focal or generalized seizures, myoclonus, and episodes of stroke-like deterioration." Is in a Neurology Dictionary dated 1991 and was from an International Patient Advocate, Beverly Seminara's extensive research on Hashimoto's Encephalopathy from thyroid-info.com.

Sure hope this helps a little.  Wishing you and all who read this the best of health - and I have NO IDEA how I got my name.......Talk about "memory fog"........

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My wife came down with HE 11 years ago and it started with stroke like symptoms.  She went to 2 hospitals here in our small town then transferred to UT in Knoxvillle where she spent 18 days and saw every specialist in town.  Her symptoms included convulsions in the beginning-confusion-dementia-motor skills including unable to walk use a fork or knife, swallowing difficulties- my 48 yo wife was like a 3 yo child she could hardly fend for herself.  
The Neuros at UT couldnt find an answer so we transferred her to Stanford
Medical Center in Ca where they diagnosed her  70% chance of having HE.  Just as quickly as it came it now began to slowly dissipate. The Drs still decided to use steroids even though she began to improve on her own for the next 6 months or so.  Today(June 2013) my wife is about 65% improved but has periodic episodes that last for weeks or months.  She is in one of those episodes now(regressed to 50%) and we are going to try the IV 5 day steroids- I believe Medrol in a week or so.  I hope this works.  This is the worse shes been in probably 10 years.

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