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While searching for a good Endocrinologist, that will treat symptoms before levels. I came across a Dr. that performs a procedure called, implanting bioidentical hormonal - it's a simple procedure. Done with lidocaine in the office. In inserts pellets into the buttocks. Has anyone every heard of this procedure before? Also, if I could get some feedback on what my friends here think about such. Also, after reading the difference of being treated with pharmaceutial hormone replacement therapy vs. bio-idenitical hormone replacement therapy. I'm seriously thinking of going with the latter of the two. Is anyone receiving bio-idenitical hormone replacement? if so, is it working. Thank you for your feedback.
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Is that bio-identical thyroid hormones?  I've never heard of anyone on a thyroid hormone implant of any kind.  Do you have a link?  Sounds like an interesting read.
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I do have a link. I wasn't sure if I could post it in Medhelp, being that the Dr.'s name is attached & previously learned when I mentioned a Endo's name. That that's not allowed. However, I will glady share the link. Watch the video's that explain this Dr.'s reasoning's and procedure's. Tell me what you think?

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Oh, I thought they might be doing something with thyroid hormones, but it seems this only involves reproductive hormones.  It's not a whole lot different from the birth control they've been implanting for years, is it?
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I interpreted as it's all related to all hormones in one's body. I must've misunderstood, sorry about that. :) Thanks for your response, because I was ready to call him, lol
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At first, I did, too, because he kept using the generic term "hormones".  Then, I realized that everything he was talking about was related to estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.  
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