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Back again! UK Endoc (NW area)?

Anyone know of a GOOD Endocrinologist in the North West of England?

After MANY years of getting myself sorted out, we move, back to the UK.

I have just been informed by my NHS doctor, he cannot prescribe me my ERFA Thyroid medication.
He has said I need to see an Endoc who MIGHT, do it.  There is a minimum wait of 6 weeks, my meds will have finished by then.

Frustrated and in need of advise.
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Thyroid UK website has more information but this is the first paragraph from their article "Where Can I Get Desiccated Thyroid Hormone?"...

"Thyroid UK is frequently contacted by patients who do not realise that natural desiccated thyroid hormone (NDT) - 'Armour', manufactured by Forest Pharmaceuticals, 'Nature-Throid' and 'Westhroid', both manufactured by RLC Labs, and 'Thyroid' manufactured by Erfa Canada Inc. - can be prescribed by their GP on a “named patient” basis."

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Yes, I have just read all that too!

Surely I have a right as a patient to ask for it?  It's not as if I am going in asking for a drug I cannot prove I take.

STILL frustrated!
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Print out the info from Thyroid UK and take it to your GP. Possibly your doctor may not know about named patient basis.
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I have some doctor names in the UK; however, most are around the London area.  I do have one listed as Edwinstowe Mansfield.  Is that of any interest to you?
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Any doctor would be helpful, thanks.  Is he/she NHS or private?

I did however find a few places I can buy online without a script yesterday!

Looks like back to self help...
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Sent info by PM.  Just click on your name and that takes you to personal page.  Then click on messages.
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