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Baltimore, MD

Has anyone had success with finding a good doc in Baltimore, MD that will look at symptoms, T3 and T4 - not just TSH.

Thanks for being such a great message board!
Ann Marie
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There is a thyroid doctor listed on the list that gimel has compiled of doctors recommended by forum members.  I'll PM details to you.  
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I have a new patient appt. with Maryland Endocrinology in Columbia tomorrow.  I'll let you know how it goes.  (or if you've already tried them, please let me know what you thought)  I've also tried the endocrine clinic at Johns Hopkins, but you only get a 40 history review and an exam to see if your thyroid is enlarged, beyond that they just send you on your way with a lab slip and a call back.  Very disappointed.  I also, have an appt. set up with Washington Hospital Center in DC on Tuesday.  AND... I have made an appt with the endo recommended from this forum, I can't remember her name, at the moment, but she is out of Med Star in Baltimore.  She isn't seeing new patients until June and does not do waitlists:(  Keep in touch, maybe together we can find a good one!
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