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Beta Blocker Question

So in the interim before I can get my insurance going and continue treatment etc. I got a script for Metoprolol. I've read up on the side effects but my question is are they going to help with anxiety and generaly being physically over stimulated.
Not sure if I'm asking the right question here, just wondering about others experience with beta blockers.
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Oh, sorry, more information - I'm hyper, doctor is 90% sure it's Graves, TSH level around 004, thyroid swollen, 40 yo male with history of heart disease on one side of the family.
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Yes!!!  Beta blockers are a tremendous help.  I took 50 mg Atenolol (generic) during the months of testing for a toxic nodule.  It lowers BP and heart rate.  Also, beta blockers block the thyroid hormones from hitting your other organs.  It is fairly inexpensive too. $6.80/mo. without insurance.  I had no side effects like dizziness.  I just felt better overall.  I seemed to sleep better when I took it before bed time.
However, as my nodule grew stronger, Atenolol did not stop my hands from shaking or help with sleep.  My Dr. did not increase the dosage. :(  Low dose Methimazole stopped the shakes.
I think there is a common misconception that once you start beta blockers, you are on them for life.  Not so.  I tapered off 1 month after RAI.  When your T3 & T4 are within normal ranges, you will no longer need it.
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