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Better to remove thyroid or let it die out? 62 and VERY confused-please help

Following double lung pneumonia with sepsis, was diagnose HASHI's, hypo. Have more than 10 nodules, several over 1.7 cms.  Synthroid helped tremendously with fatigue, cold hands/legs, tingling down upper thighs, however choking at night will wake me from sleep. Flare ups bring on sweating, cold hands/feet, brain fog. Adjust my meds and wait till it happens again, repeat.  Wouldn't it be better to get a thyroidectomy to put antibodies into remission?  Found this article that echoes my thinking. Such conflicting info out there, I'm so confused. I'm 62, never had symptoms. All this started following foot surgery in Dec 015, then double lung pneumonia with sepsis (thought I had a bad cold :(   In Jan Dr noticed swelling in my thyroid area in Feb tests confirmed HASHI's and hypo. Thoughts, anyone?  Live in Delaware - ENDO care not the best.
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Hi there! Welcome. You may want to post this in the thyroid community where you will receive some help.
Good luck, here is the link

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I'm sorry you're having such a hard time.  Can you post your most recent thyroid related labs?  They should include Free T3, Free T4 and TSH.  Be sure to include the reference ranges, since those vary from lab to lab and have to come from your own report.  

It would also be helpful if you could tell us what dosage of Synthroid you're on and how long you've been on it.

Thyroid nodules are very common with Hashimoto's; many/most of us with Hashimoto's have nodules.  Often, nodules will shrink with the correct dosage of replacement thyroid hormones. Thyroidectomy is not, typically, done because of Hashimoto's, since Hashimoto's, eventually, destroys the thyroid anyway.

It sounds like you may not be on optimal dosage or you may have other conditions compounding your problem.  If you can provide the requested information, we'll try to help you sort it out.
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