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Bio-dentical hormones for Hashimotos

Dear Doctor,

I wanted to get your perspective on compounded medication, or bioidentical hormones, for Hashimotos thyroiditis...
I know that this is an alternative approach and want to hear what your opinion is? I am seeing a local endo for a second opinion but am interested in yours.
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I read the response off Dr Lupo and am a bit confused. In my mind it is thought Armour would be more of a bio-identical Rx than Synthroid.

I am not sure since I am just starting to learn more about this and recently went to a doctor practicing this type of treatment. I suppose at this time I am trying to understand more on this line of thinking and not really of any help yet :(

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If you go to the link above, you will see what Dr. Lupo told Hutchi about "bio-identical" drugs.

Levothyroxine is EXACTLY the same, down to the molecular level, as the natural T4 hormone your body produces. It is bio-identical.

If someone is telling you that a compounded formula is bio-identical and Levothyroxine or any of the name brand varieties of T4 meds are artificial, they are misinformed, or misleading you.
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Yes, you can try there if nobody has ideas for you here .. may be technical for us here on patient to patient community.

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  I just joined this site and was looking around and stumbled on this forum. I read the 2 comments above and I too have hashimoto tyroidnitis and have seen two doctors. I am now on 88mg of synthroid each day, but it has not worked. I used to be 125lbs and a size 5. Now I am 177 and a size 16, gained in 3mths. Nothing seems to work to get me back to normal again and worry I am taking this synthroid for nothing. I too have heard about the bioidentical hormones and wonder if it could help me. Do I too go to the same website you told Hutchi to find out? Thanks for your time
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You may want to try Dr. Lupo's expert forum:  

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