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Blood Counts - Question

Was looking again at my last lab work report.  Noticed there are elevations in the CBC/Platelet area of the following:

RDW - Normal Range - 11.00-15.00
Mine reads 15.90

MPV - Normal Range - 7.54-11.24
Mine reads 11.50

Does anyone know what this means?  All others are normal.  My Endo didn't seem too concerned.  This is the first time I've noticed any of the blood counts being elevated.
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The internet is great. I never would have been able to diagnose my thyroid condition without it!
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Thanks!  I did some searching around and found the same results.  

What did we do without internet? :)
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Here are some sites that help explain your results:


Younger platelets are larger than older ones. so a high MPV(mean platelet volume) means you have more new platelets being produced from your bone marrow.

I found this on healthcheckusa.com:

An elevated MPV is usually accompanied by analytes of the complete blood count being out of reference range. Slightly elevated or decreased MPV values if the rest of the CBC is normal are usually not significant. Values 15% out of range should be referred to a physician to determine cause.

Your numbers are so slightly out of range, they more than likely mean nothing is amiss.

Hope this helps.
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