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Blood pressure spikes.

Here's something that might buy some valuable time and help in a blood pressure spike.  I had them for years and then not.

Recently the last two or three days - I had bp go to 169/85 and I'm currently trying to figure out what caused that.

I got up and had two cokes and 2 cups of coffee and we had breakfast (bought at cracker barrel restaurant)

Most of the day both times it was in the 111/64 to 135/70 range - then suddenly shot up late in the day and reached over 150/75.  I took extra medicationa and it didn't come down.

So I'm going to tell you of a method to bring down a spike - unless caused by some secondary reason such as organ failure.

its' not pleasant but it sure beats a stroke or heart attack.

This is the use of prune juice to clean your sytem.  I drink 32 ounces as fast as I can and I stay near the bathroom (obviously )  After passing a lot of fluid out - the pressure in the arteries goes down as fluids equalize thoughout the body.

I used to be on the Bloodpressureline - where endocrinologist and hard to control hypertension specialist Dr. Clarence Grim was and when told of the prune juice method he said "maybe we should have some clinical trials of that)  He may have been joking but it works.

If you drink the prune juice within an hour you will be dropping fluids in 1.5 hours and for me and most people the blood pressure will drop fast.  I would stay near the bathroom.  

I don't personally like prune juice but we keep it on hand all the time and I used it today and yesterday and it got my bp down into thw 120/65 range and it will go lower tonight.

After this all my meds work better as my bp stays down as long as I don't eat salt or what I'm suspicious of - Coffee - I take cardizem (diltiazem) and lasix.

One guy on the blood pressure forum tried it and said "I got a very nice reduction in blood pressure - but then I went and replenished the fluid that was lost and the bp came back up."    He didn't understand that most people - especially those overweight carry way too much fluid in their bodies and you take some out and you dont restore it.

So if you are thinking you might be going to have a stroke or heart attack because of high blood pressure - give it a try and you should see a reduction in bp within a couple of hours.

We have had times when me taking more medication did not bring the blood pressure down and the Prune Juice was the only thing that worked.

My wife also has high blood pressure and was going to use "pruny" we call it but she hates it too.  She was able to cut back on her fluid intake and her bp went down.

We think it is salt and in fact when we keep the salt intake down bp stays down too - that and I love my coffee and sometimes drink too much.

Any questions you may have - direct them to ***@****

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