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Blood results

Hi, I am a 36 year old mother of 2 teenagers.  Following a ladies check up I discovered I have a low TSH which lead to the following tests and results.

TSH level of 0.132  
FT4 of 1.28
FT3 of 4.62
Anti Tiroglobulin of 10.0
Anti TPO of 5.0

I had a scan and have 9 nodules on both sides, 3 are more the 2 x 2 cms with the rest all verrying in size but smaller.  I had a radio active iodine test, to see if the they are hot nodules, but will not get the results for another 2 weeks.

I live in Northern Cyprus, so there is a language barrier, but I am not getting any answers.  I have terrible hair lose, extreme tiredness, irratability, moods swings like you would not believe, low blood pressure resulting in terrible headaches and pins and needles in my hands.  I am also unable to loose weight.  Are all of these connected.  I feel like I am going mad!!

I have an appointment with my Dr in 2 weeks but would like to know what I am dealing with before then so I can get my head around it all and make sure I ask all the right questions.


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Stacy...post the ranges on your levels as they all differ from one country to another.
That way others can respond to your post.

By the way...I lived in Cyprus as a child (air force family) and Limasol was beautiful (but hot lol).
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Rangesn are as follows:

TSH                                 0.270 - 4.20
FT4                                  0.932 - 1.71
FT3                                  4.0     - 8.3
Anti Tiroglbulin                  10.0 - 115.0
Anti TPO                          5.0 - 34.00

The 2 Anti ones are the lowest they can be, but O do not know what any of this means.

Still beautiful and very very hot at the mo!!!  45 degrees yesterday lol
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I wonder if you have had your calcium levels checked? The pins and needles is oftena symptom of low calcium. If you have low Vit D also this will be the reason you have low calcium.
It is possible to have your results and still be hypothyroid. It is very complicated! Many people have underlying issues which make it difficult for them to lose weight, and stop the hair loss. These are usually hypothyroid symptoms but can happen when a person has levels like yours.  Yours are a little more toward hyper but your Ft3 is on the lower end of the scale, meaning you have hyper levels but hypo symptoms!
  Also having low ferritin (iron) can make your thryoid behave badly too. Do you take any vitamins,or other supplements? In our busy days we often forget to look after ourselves and provide our bodies with the essentials it needs to keep the thyroid healthy.
  My partner is in Turkey at the moment and he said it has been stinking hot! LOL!

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I take a B vitamin compound because it helps with the mosquito bites.  Nothing else, though.  Here in Cyprus we eat lots of green veg, salad, spinach etc.  So don't think I have low iron levels............... although anything is possible.

I am not keen on the milk here, but I do force myself to drink it.  its all long life here, so not like the English stuff. lol

It is still really hot here, on average 42 degrees most days............. get my RAI results on Friday so just have to wait and see what they say.

Cheers guys for your input.......... most days I just feel like I am going mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Good to know I am not alone.

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