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Blood test results - HELP?!

Hello, so I am a twenty three year old man who for five years has suffered sexual dysfunction, fatigue, brain fog, confusion, constant flu like symptoms and chronic nasal congestion. I have had numerous blood tests done, which seem to appear that I am within ranges and nothing abnormal going on, I recently had a full blood count done and thyroid.

My doctors are not the best, there have been many times where I have crossed checked my results and certain things have not added up...I have been either on the upper range or lower range with no mention of concern and even things like being folate deficient I was not initially told as it was only 'slightly'.

I have lost faith in my doctors ability to analyse my results and look for the cause of my ongoing condition, I am posting on here in the hopes that someone can break down my results for me and see if theres anything worth looking in to deeper which may be causing my poor health. I got my results back today for my full blood count and noticed in bold the "Lymphocyte" says abnormal next to it? yet nothing was mentioned to me.


Serum Prolactin: 175 mu/l
Serum Oestradiol: 114 pmol iu/l
FSH level: 1.5  (ref range 1.0 -12.0)
LH level: 4.6 iu/l
Testosterone: 34.9nmol
Serum TSH level: 1.1 miU/l
Serum free T4 level: 15 pmol/l
Cortisol: 414 nmol


Haemoblobin: 154 g/l
Total white cell count: 6.9 10*9/L
Platelet count: 217 10*9/L
Red blood cell count: 5.49 10*12/L (ref range 4.5 - 6.0)
Haemotocrit: 0.456 ratio
Mean Corpuscular volume: 83.1 fl
Neutrophil count: 4.80
Lympocyte count: 1.40 10*9/L (1.5 - 4.0) "abnormal"

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