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Blood work results

Can someone tell me what this means? I know it means signs of hypothyroidism but is there anything else I should be concerned about?
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>Thyroid Peroxidase(TPO) Ab     147 reference interval 0-26
>Thyroglobulin, Antibody             9.6 reference interval 0-0.9

These are antibodies tests, high levels suggest that immune system is attacking the thyroid.  Suggest because it's not definitive.

> TSH           6.970     reference interval 0.450-4.500

This is high.  TSH stands for thyroid stimulating hormone, it's a hormone produced by the pituitary gland.  Elevated means you pituitary thinks your thyroid isn't producing enough hormones. Note, this isn't real high, it's not uncommon to see numbers like 25, 50 or even 100 in people with Hypothyroidism.

> Thyroxine(T4) Free, Direct   1.1 reference interval 0.93-1.6

This is actual thyroid hormone. Along with T3 regulates your metabolic rate. It's 'in the normal range' but doesn't mean it's normal for you. Could be too low causing symptoms.

Note: Hashimoto's disease tends to slowly creep up on people as the thyroid fails. Might be you're in early stages of that. Usually the only treatment is replacement hormones.

Other test recommended is a thyroid ultrasound to see what the tissue looks like.  From reading people with Hashimoto's disease the thyroid tends to look like hamburger. (Rough, un-smooth texture).

PS: Shop around, thyroid ultrasound prices vary a lot depending on who does them. Hospital ---> very expensive.
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I forgot to mention I am 18 years old
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We'd be happy to help, but need the info you are talking about.  Please post lab results and reference ranges shown on the report.  Also, please tell us about any symptoms you are having.
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I posted a picture of the blood results. I do not know if you can see them. I have had weight gain. I often get emotional, and I am usually very tired. I have consistent soreness in my body. I randomly get stomach pains, usually in the abdomen area.
Here are the blood results in case you couldnt see the pictures
Thyroid Peroxidase(TPO) Ab     147 reference interval 0-26
Thyroglobulin, Antibody             9.6 reference interval 0-0.9
please note: Low positive Thyroglobulin antibodies are seen in a portion of the asymptomatic population
Thyroxine(T4) Free, Direct   1.1 reference interval 0.93-1.6
TSH           6.970     reference interval 0.450-4.500
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thank you... Regarding the antibodies should i be concerned about anything.
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Your FT4 is quite low in the range; do you have symptoms of hypothyroidism?
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I think what you're asking is are high thyroid antibodies harmful by themselves. The answer is no. Same is true for TSH.
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I agree that neither the elevated antibodies, nor the TSH is harmful, by themselves.  The elevated TSH and low FT4, on the other hand, indicates hypothyroidism, which causes symptoms, such as fatigue, constipation, weight gain, muscle/joint aches/pains, hair loss and many more adverse symptoms, which need to be treated with thyroid replacement hormones.  

You should discuss this with your doctor.
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