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Bloodwork shows High calcium, should I get my PTH checked?

I had bloodwork done on my thyroid b/c I have symptoms of hyperthyroid (i.e. sudden onset of racing heart rate, high bp, sensitive to heat/overheating, palpitations) but those tests came back normal. And I have other symptoms, such as headaches and a sense of heaviness in my head, depression, anxiety and panic episodes/paranoia of having a panic attack (even though I have NO history of depression/anxiety or panic disorder) and also a decreased sex drive and fatigue, even though I get a full night's sleep. And what came out of my bloodwork was not abnormal thyroid levels, but a high calcium level (calcium level was at 10.0 normal range 8.5-10.1 mg/dL and my ionized calcium was 1.38 normal range 1.13-1.32 mmol/L) along with low magnesium level 1.76, normal range 1.80-2.40. Does low magnesium levels cause high calcium levels in the blood, or are my high calcium levels b/c of a parathyroid dysfunction? Should I get a PTH blood test done? My doctor didnt show any concern for my calcium levels, but rather she was concerned about my magnesium levels and put me on a supplement. And if I should get a PTH test, should I get another doctor? please help! These symptoms are getting worse everyday, and they are interfering with my daily life and I just want to feel better:(
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A pth would not hurt.  I would order one just to check.  I had a high calcium ( labs below) with same symptoms you have and kidney stones and wrote to dr norman from the site and he stated he does not believe it is a parathyroid problem. Even though the website states your pth should be near 0 he did not feel I had a problem.  It turns out my thyroid is mildly hyper ( just low tsh) giving me symptoms such as anxiety, palps fast heartrate. Do you have your thyroid results to post here?

Here are the labs I had to give to him. My pth was 31 not a single digit number but he did not seem too concerned.   Maybe you could pull some old med records and look at your calcium levels or get it repeated with a pth and then write an email to him.

9/7/07 calcium 9.5
10/7/07 9.6
7/16/07 10.5
8/2/07 9.2
8/7 /07 10.2
8/12/07  9.8
8/14/07  9.1

8/7 pth 31
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I found this post while researching my  own hypercalcemia.  Definitely go to www.parathyroid.com    It is the best web site on any topic that I have ever seen.   You have primary hyperparathyroidism!   If you have an elevated calcium and your parathyroid levels aren't super low, then one of them is messed up---because a normal parathyroid gland shuts down when the calcium is high!  It is that simple--but most doctors (including my own) will just look at the "normal" or "reference range" without putting the whole picture together.   My calcium ranges from 9.9 to 10.7 over the last year.  My PTH is always greater than 65, but the labs reference range is 12-88, so my doctor thinks my PTH is NORMAL.   He thinks I'm crazy.  GO STRAIGHT TO A SURGEON!!  Screw your doctor.  I'm scheduled to see a surgeon in two weeks and I intend to take a photo of my parathyroid adenoma when it is removed and send it to my doctor.  Having elevated calcium makes you feel lousy!!!  and our bones are getting ravaged!!!  ANyone with this condition must advocate for themselves STRONGLY or you may suffer for months and years.
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Look at the website parathyroid.com
It explains a lot.
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My calcium level is 10.0, but within range 8.5-10.2, I think my PTH level was 7.0, but that was also within normal ( 7.5 I think was considered high). I know I am having parathyroid issues due to the calcium increas in the last two years. I have looked at my lab records for the last year and a half, and in everyone my calcium shows to increase. It started at 8.9, then has gradually went up, I think last Aug. was 10.0, have not had it checked since, but I know my doctor will look at me like I am crazy because "surely it is not my parathyroid levels, they are within range". I am basically waiting for the level to get real high because honestly they will not listen other wise.

Yes I have muscle pain, constant urination, weight loss, but what do you do when they only look at lab work and not symptoms.

Hope you have someone who will listen to you.
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