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Born w/out a thryroid?Anyone?

Just wondering if anyone out there was also born without a thryroid. I was and I've never had the chance to talk to anyone else like myelf. I do have a child and he is normal(thank GOD). My levels were checked once a month while pregnant as my dose increased and has remained the same since(6 years). Any other mothers out there experience this? My email is ***@**** if you'd like to chat.
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I found some info on being born without a thyroid (even an old string from this forum).  Maybe it will help.

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i was born without one as well...im 18 now..

ive never meet anyone else either, i wish i could this kind of intrigues me...!!!!
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hi all!!!!

omg!!! i didnt know there were so many people born without a thyroid!!!...soooo glad i found this site!!!  i was too ...born without a thyroid an like alot of u i ain met anyone born without one either!! iv always woundered how? and am i the only one?  i am 20 now i have no children but am frightned that when i do decid to have children in the future that i will struggle with it?

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Sweet 30 years of having no Thyroid I found others! They do exist! I am 30 years old and was born without a Thyroid and now I am on 300 mcg. I am a Deputy Sheriff and a part time little leauge baseball coach. Went through high school playing sports and fixing cars and chasing girls. I have lived a great normal life (besides the normal life downers!) just take the pill in the morning and get my levels checked every 6 months and I'm good to go. I did get pretty sick a few years ago and it was related to the no thyroid thing, ya know tired all time, un-explained aches and pains, swollen tounge ahhhhhhhh fun times! lol Anyhow Im excited to see that there are others out there that don't just question it "I didn't know that was possible" Shut up what do you know we no thyroid folks rock!
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i was born with out one too! this is great to know so many who have the same condition... im 19 now but ill be 20 soon.. im concerned that when i have kids that they willl struggle with it too since my mom had hyperthyroidism (had to have hers stopped- now its hypothyroid) and my grandma has hypothyroid.. so it is genetic, obviously, but i dont want my kids to have to deal with the endless **** of meds and blood tests. im on levothyroxine.... .175 mg for now though my levels change all the time. im tired alot and hungry like all the time and have little physical energy unless i make myself do it.

but this is so cool to mmeet so many of you who also dont have a thyroid.
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My daughter is eight and born without a thyroid gland. It can be very stressful!!! It was caught in her New Born Screening and she began synthroid at 3 weeks of age. No growth retardation in her body or brain. She is beautiful and bright. Began putting on weight at 5 and heart palps (Premature Ventrical Contractions) at 8. Switched to Armour recently.Weight and heart Palps (PVC"S) better, however now having weird aches and pains (random needle pocking shock sensations and leg and ankle aches). Anyone out there have any advice for this stressed out mom???
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i was born with out one and i'm 27 now. i lived a difficult life with my weight gains going up and down my peak was 298 then with some will i dropped the weight got into boxing and had a pretty out standing college boxing carreer. winning a national siliver medal, two all american awards and caption of 2006 UNLV national championship boxing team. the reason i speak of this is not to brag (well maybe a little its a huge accomplishment) but to say man if i could do i feel anyone can. just trying to cut weight for a fight was a fight in it self. People dont understand the hard parts of this. Right now i weigh 205 with 9% fat. all i'm saying is if your son has problems with weight when he is older and it gets him to where i was with a ton of depression print this, let him read it and you can find on the web the team pic of unlv boxing he can see that he can have his life. it just is up to him. anyquestions hit me up at ***@****..
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Thanks for posting jc-

I am talking with magpieanne and she would love more info on this situation. Please PM her.
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Im 25 and was also born without a thyroid...I was born in West Yorkshire and was the 6th person ther 2 be born without
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Hi j_lee!  Any ideas as to why 6 people in your area were born without a thyroid gland? How did you find this out? Is it a matter of puplic record somehow? We live in N. Texas and my daughter was born in 2000 without a gland also. I wish I knew why? My husband and I have no known thyroid issues, and my two older sons were born just fine! I really have no ideas as to why??? Maybe I was hypothyroid during pregnancy and did not know it (low t3)? I just read an interesting article about this on thyroidscience.com (Pregnant Women and their Newborns:Among the victims of t4 replacement). My husband has an aunt who has Graves disease and another one with low IQ and died of organ failure, so I've often wondered if it was genetic from his side? But after reading this article, now I think it might have been caused by me being temperarily hypothyroid during pregnancy and not knowing it. At any rate, I don't want this to be handed down to my future grandchildren, so it is imperative that the hormone levels be kept high (especially t3) during my daughters future pregnancies, when she grows up and gets married someday! She is no longer on Armour. We had to switch her to Naturethroid 3 months ago due to hypo symptoms developing on the reformulated Armour. She is doing much better now and we will be having blood work tomorrow. What med do you take and what are some of your experiences growing up with this? My daughter just turned nine, so we have a ways to go. My goal is for to feel good (no joint and muscle pain, have no PVC's (heart palps)  to be able to control her weight with a good diet and exercise, and to be a healthy happy kid. We no longer have heart palps with the addition of the t3 in desiccated hormone, muscle pain and joint pain are much improved as of late, food (carb.) cravings are better, now we just need to quit gaining weight! She begins basketball soon, so that will help with the additional exercise. Any advice you can pass on to us would be so appreciated as we continue on our thyroidless journey!
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Hey- I was diagnosed when I was 10 days old with Hypothyroidism...I slept most of the day, didnt really take any milk, yet gained plenty of weight and had bulging eyes and course hair..a nurse came round and they admitted me to st lukes Hospital and the doctor took one  look at me and knew what it was. Dr Minford was the specialist in the area and he gave us the information about being 6 of us in the area.When I was diagnosed they had only been doing the heel ***** test for 2years and I was the sixth person..I was diagnosed and put on a low dosage of thyroxine, I had blood tests every week, then every 2 weeks ect..I have had blood tests every 6 weeks to 6 months and my dosage adjusted accordingly..i have only ever been on thyroxine and it has now stabilised around 200mg. There was never any record of anybody in either of my parents familys and my parents also had no idea how this had happened...During my first pregnancy my levels were really low and I took 300mg and durin the second my levels were low so I had to take 250mg.. Both my children have been tested and have no problems what so ever.
I have had a very normal up bringing...if i wasnt getting enough thyroxine I gained weight, was very tired, cold...had a short concentration span and was forgetful and my hair would be coarse...but when i was getting enough thyroxine evrything was perfectly normal.. I hope this helps...
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Thanks for responding! That's very interesting!  I'm so glad that your children were born fine (with a thyroid). My daughter's was also discovered with the new born screening and she began Synthroid (synthetic t4) at the age of 3 weeks. She did fairly well on it as a baby and pre-schooler, other than constipation. At the age of 4 or 5 she began putting on weight and always hungry (especially for carbohydrates). By 8 I had to change her to desiccated thyroid hormone as she began having Premature Ventricle Contractions (pvc's) in her heart. I found out that she was not converting enough of the t4 into t3. She now gets t3 in the desiccated (Naturethroid) and her levels are better, with no more heart issues(pvc's). She is doing much better now in so many ways. I do a lot of reading and research on it all now, and don't always just take the doctor's word as I once did! They are only human and there are many approaches and points of view when dealing with thyroid issues. That has been the hard part of all this as the "mom"! It definitly is a journey! I am determined that she will be as healthy as possible! Thanks again for sharing! God Bless!
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