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I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.  The reason that I went for all this blood work was because I could not lose weight.  Eight months of working out 2 hrs a day and 1200 calorie diet; not only did I not lose weight, but I have gained 9 lbs.  How can this be if I am
hyperthyroid.  Yes I mean hyper not hypro. So what do I do to lose weight.  My diet already consist of veg,fruits, fish, chicken, and oatmeal.  Nothing fried , no white flour, and no sugar. Clean eating and 2 hrs of  exercise a day.
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Please post whatever thyroid test results and reference ranges you have, so that members can see the basis for that diagnosis.
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Are you getting a lot of sleep? Lack of sleep can keep on extra weight. And if you work out when you are tired or sleepy, that is not a good idea.
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I went from 55kgs to 71 kgs when I was hyper before RAI.
After RAI , I went hypo and it took roughly 6 months for the weight to come off.
As soon as the levels were stable, the weight dropped off.

I also remember going through fat and skinny stages of my life.......now I am 57kgs and have been stable like that for over 6 months now.
Hope that helps you.
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Not everyone is text book. Many people can lose weight being hypo and gain weight being hyper. I for one know full well it makes no difference if I am in hyper or hypo mode, if I am stressed with life I will keep the weight on, no matter how much I try, like you, to maintain a good lifestyle.
Right now I am in a super stressful mode, and even though I am brain dead and tired and lethargic, I am terrified of gaining weight, so do a heck of a lot of physical activity. Keep my diet to a low calorie level (even though being hypo right now I get pretty hungry) Needless to say , when I was super hyper a few months back , and still stressed to the max, my weight is still the same as now! I would dearly love to lose the 5 or 6 kilos ( about 14 pounds) I put on, I know full well, there is no point in berating myself for it.

Yes, do post your thyroid function test results and in fact if you could also put up your dosage and a previous test result too, that would help.
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Its even more frustrating when most people loose with hyperthyroid and you happen to be one that is the opposite of the common symptoms.

Its certainly not unheard of to gain with a high functioning thyroid and logically many more should have the issue based off the  metobolism. Yes - your metobolism runs very high while hyper but hunger can be 24/7 and depending on the entire system and storing fat - and eating things that do this - can pack on weight even as a hyperthyroid patient too.

Regardless the weight issues need to be addressed in a 2 step process. Most patients can not even attack their weight issues until their thyroid function has been stabilized. You can however, change your diet anytime to a better - more balanced change to help you get in a healthy balance. Its life changing more than diet. Remember that.

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The term used quite often with the senerio above is associated with something called air hunger.
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blood work tsh level .10    T3Free 4.52 out of range of 1.7-3.7 pg/ml and T4Free 1.2 out of range of .08-2.2 ng/dl.  Only sleep 3 -4 hrs at a time, wake up with lots of leg pain. I do have problems swallowing, brain not always sharp. Just honestly feel like crap.  Turned 50 and thought ok this is it, change my life, quit smoking and started exercising, change my whole outlook on food.  My family was so happy, they are all health and exercise nuts (in a great way) Started out great, felt great. Was doing treadmill and eliptical between the two - 3 miles a dayf6 days a week, and weight training 3 days a week.  I have managed to put on 9 lbs, and now am lucking to be able to go 5 minutes without stopping, cant breath, everything hurts.  I just want to set and cry. Thought I would be hypo, but the Thyroid Dr.,I went to yesterday said I am hyper, and they have scheduled the radioactive iodine uptake scan and I-131 treatment.  He looked at all blood work results and felt my neck, then scheduled the treatment. I am not sure what to think. thanks for listening everyone!!!!
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