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CFS test in Australia -- what is it?

Hello everyone.  There is an Australian poster on this thyroid board that once mentioned there is a test for CFS in Australia.  I've lost the thread where that was.  If you are out there, could you please post it for me?

Also, do you know if the can do that test in the USA?

God bless you and thank you.


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Lindsey the 24-hour salivary cortisol test can indicate adrenal function, which is a cfs denominator. i don't know if there's a direct cfs test. the cortisol test should be available in the u.s...? it's about 100 $ i think. sorry if that's not the one you're referring to. hoping someone else can help. also go look at cfs forum
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I think it was another test, but thank you anyway for the suggestion.

Interesting that you mention that because I just read from an alternative doctor that weak adrenals are often the problem underneath ADD -- and I've had ADD since I was a kid.  Plus in my teens, the doctor said my cortisol was at that of an 80 year old, and there was A LOT of stress in the family.  I feel like I've never recovered from it.

If your out there and know the test, please post it.
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The test they use here is called .....XMRV testing.
It seems that CFS and Prostate Cancer is linked to the xenotropic murine leukaemia virus related virus.
This is the test to rule out CFS but is NOT 100% foolproof.

I hope that helps you :)

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The test is not $100. It's $400+ and I would wait on it until they have treatment option. Currently most doctors are not treating for XMRV. I know many people already who are testing positive for this and who are just sitting on the fence with their piece of paper saying they have a retrovirus and there is nothing that can be done until the Whittemore Peterson Int. is vindicated and the CDC has their buy in.
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My brain is mush most of the time...Acker I thought you were talking about the XMRV test being $100. I apologize...Yikes!
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Wow, that helps a lot.  I've just found a lot of great articles on google about it.  Though, I'm not sure if this is the Australia-only test that the Australian on this board was talking about.

I'm starting to see a plan to try to get at my health problems:

1. I've had some odd thyroid test results and I have family history of thyroid problems
  -Doctor wants to retest in 4months to keep an eye on thyroid.  Antibodies neg.
  -Try trial thyroid treatment with an alternative doctor just to see if it helps.

2. I have ADD or ADHD.  I've had doctors suggest CFS to me and family
  -For the CFS, could try some viral testing and antiviral meds if my doctor allows.  Or see an infectious disease specialist for this.
  -I've been reading from alternative doctors that underneath ADD and CFS is an adrenal problem...
  -I've located a good-rated alternative doctor near my area that can treat adrenal/fatigue/thyroid/nutritional problems with mins/vits, cortisol, thyroid med, etc.  Maybe give this a try.  I especially want my nutrient levels and adrenals looked at.

I've been reading a lot of boards on google and finding it very common for ADD'ers to have a lot of fatigue.  Maybe it's mental exhaustion from all the strain of trying to focus/pay attention/concentrate in every area of life -- socializing, work, keep alert and awake.  And/or maybe the lack of attention/focus/concentration feels like fatigue.  (Though I do have it physical, too.)  I'm going to ask my doctors what they think.

Any thoughts appreciated.  God bless you.
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My grandson has ADHD and is 5 years old.
He is like a tornado....doesnt suffer with CFS.
He has a short attention span too.

Ask your Doc to rule out xenotropic murine leukaemia virus and maybe this will help you.
There are many reasons for chronic fatique......if it is from Hypo /Hyper ..Vit, D and B12 is well known for boosting the energy.

But also remember that thyroid issues CAUSE fatique.
I have had cortisol testing , only to find mine was good level and yet I had a Pit. Tumour so I got all my Vitamin levels checked and found the problem there.

I was deficient in Vit. D, Zinc and B12.

Have you had these tests done?

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the alt dr you've found sounds like a good lead.
if you get the virus test and find you don't have it, it'll tell you you might or might not have fatigue - we knew that. if you find you have the virus, it'll tell you the same thing. if you decide to go ahead with antiviral treatment, and it works - great. and let us know! we all do what we have to do depending on the type of fatigue we have.

i searched 'adhd intestinal'. this would be worth a look:
http://www.adhd. com.au/ADHD_Assessment. htm
[ctrl copy link and delete the spaces]
- right at the bottom of the very long page. might need dr referral.

Intestinal dysbiosis is a condition whereby the various bacteria usually found in the large bowel are abnormally distributed. Often there is an overgrowth of streptococcus and enterococcus for example and a reduction in the beneficial flora such as E-Coli, lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria. This imbalance can interfere in the breakdown of food into nutrients and may also lead to Irritable Bowel Disease and malabsorption, conditions which are strongly associated with depression, anxiety disorder and fatigue. EFMI is conducted by Bioscreen, a specialist pathology laboratory at Melbourne  University. Bioscreen grows the faecal bacteria over three weeks and counts the colonies to estimate the bacterial profile. The test provide the most accurate estimate of bacteria profile in the bowel enabling experienced clinicians to treat the disorder effectively. This test should not be confused with the parasitology and pathogen testing usually conducted through the pathology lab faecal tests looking for pathogenic bacteria .

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You mentioned about Vit D.  My doctor did find that I'm a little under range for this vitamin.  Could this cause fatigue?  Any other symptoms?

Thank you.
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I was Vit. D and Vit. B12 deficient and found soooooo much energy after going onto these supplements (taken at night so as not to interfere with T4 med absorbtion).
I take the Calcium/Vit, D combined capsule (600mg) one every night and did find that it DOES make a difference.
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You mentioned you found a lot of energy from those vitamins.  Were you greatly deficient?  I remember asking my doctor if the vit D deficiency could be causing the fatigue, but she said not with that minor of a deficiency.
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