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CT Scan with Iodine IV Contrast?

For Hashimoto's, any advice for having a CT scan where they are going to use IV contrast (with iodine)?  Also taking oral barium.  

I read that it may create hyperthyroidism in some cases.  So, should take levothyroxine like normal?  Is selenium or anything else recommended?  

Finally, any experiences you have had?  To my knowledge, I do not have an iodine allergy or renal issues.  But I have read where iodine is contradicted with Hashimoto.  

Thank you!
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Although Iodine is contra-indicated for those of us with Hashimoto's, having the CT scan with contrast (iodine) isn't going to hurt because it will leave your body relatively soon.  

You should talk to the imaging facility or your doctor regarding the barium - do you take that on a regular basis?  If so, why?  

You should also ask about taking your medication prior to the scan or if you need to be off it for a while.  It shouldn't hurt if you're taking selenium, but again, ask because some metals might not go well with the test.
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Thanks Barb!  Makes sense.  It was an abdominal CT, so the oral barium contrast was just for the test, as well as the IV contrast.

I don't have an endo yet, so basically the only answer you get from a general practitioner is it is 'fine' to be on medication.  They were not knowledgable about iodine or anything else as it relates to Hashimotos.  
Oh - abdominal CT... okay - I've had several of those with contrast and never had any issue for the iodine.  The barium is the bottles of stuff you have to drink prior to the test.  I've had no problems with that either.  That, too, will leave your system relatively quickly, but you'll want to drink plenty of water to get, both, it and the iodine flushed out.

For an abdominal CT, there shouldn't be any trouble with taking your thyroid medication prior to the test but it has to be taken with a cup of water, they might want you to defer your dosage until after the test but that might depend on the time of your test.  If I have them in the morning, I wait to take my medication until after the test.  

You don't need an endo for these things - the imaging facility should have told you all that when you made the appointment.   There are some pcp's that are actually more knowledgeable about Hashimoto's than an endo would be.  Many of us have found that endos are not, typically, the best thyroid doctors.
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