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Calcium in Blood

What could it mean if I have too much calcium in my blood?  I guess it is just slightly more than regular, but my doc is monitoring it.  

Also, do small goiters usually go away with Synthroid?
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Yes. Definately. But the other way...Hyperparathyroidism can CAUSE mock hypothyroidism...Which corrects itself (usually) after the cause of the HPT is corrected...If you have elevated PTH (parathyroid hormone) and elevated ionized calcium, you have it. If you have elevated PTH and normal ionized calcium, you probably have it...the PTH and calcium should always be either in range, or at opposite ends...
Along with high blood calcium, you may also experience frequent heartburn, gallstones, kidney stones, headaches, muscle, joint, and gut pains...(especially aching in you low back/hip/pelvic areas)...constipation...You feel "old"...sound familiar? Oh, did I mention frequent(maddening!) urination -all day and night? Good luck...If it is HPT caused by a parathyroid tumor, it's a quick and easy fix. You start to feel better in HOURS!                                                                   ~MM
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Most likley hyperparathyroidism.  Although I had it and my blood test were borderline.  Now my calcium is now elevated more.  Dr. thinks the bit of parathyroid that was left in is now overactive.  Bummer!
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From checking over the parathyroid (dot) com site I believe you would see symptoms of both hyper and hypothyroidism.

Have you checked over that site?

It gives a great user friendly way to look over the whole parathyroid situation and see if you are having the common issues of hyperparathyroidism.

How far has your doctor gone to further test for either PT or kidney stones?
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Thanks C!  I read  about the parathyroid,  but I guess I'm still a little (lot) confused.  Could this be caused by my hypothyroidism?  
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Well, there may be an issue with your parathyroid glands and on top of that too much calcium in your blood can lead to calcium oxalate kidney stones ..

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