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California one year after

Please take a look on the article
The stupid people recommended eating kelp AFTER the radioactive plume settled down in CA, thus kelp was rich in RADIOACTIVE iodine, adding to the dose. I made recommendation to keep kids indoors right after rain and stop giving them milk until August 2011; many ignored this. Too bad we are often listening to the media but not to the common sense. (It takes weeks after fallout to determine accurate data of the radioactive contamination).
I afraid that 25 years from now this neck feature will be common http://youtu.be/-kcIyEAVIp4 thanks to the ignoring the dangers of  I-131
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I'd heard news stories recommending kelp... sure, if you to be certain you destroy your thyroid.

http://youtu.be/-kcIyEAVIp4 --- quite a lump she has there, isn't it.  
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I wish I started this “discussion” here a year ago.
The iodine poorly dissolves in water (stable or radioactive- no difference), so basic activated carbon chlorine-removal filter can take care of I-131 in the tap water.
On the other hand, the iodine is very well dissolved in alcohol, milk, and aqueous solution of potassium iodide, so while excessive doses of KI can prevent thyroid from collecting I-131(and burn the kidneys or cause thyroid storm); small amounts of the same substance (KI) can get MORE iodine (radioactive or stable -- to the thyroid).
It is very hard to determine an optimal KI pill size.
Basically we have to increase our knowledge about the food that collect radioactive or toxic substances and stay away from these (women and children first!).
In order to minimize long term effects from cesium contamination, mushrooms and fresh water fish liver should be limited (but how much?-no answer)
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Iodine-131 accumulates in the thyroid gland where it can cause cancer and other thyroid diseases. Cesium-137 accumulates in the body's soft tissues and increases risk of cancer.  Building a nuclear plant in an earthquake zone = bad.

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From previous studies I-131 thyroid contamination causes nodular goiter  and cancer (women to men ratio 3 to 1). The development of nodular goiter follows the mild radiation -induced thyroiditis that looks similar to the Hashimoto's (mild goiter and elevated TPO antibodies) as found among children evaluated after Chernobyl disaster.
In addition about 10% of I-131 collects in breasts and ovaries.
One nutritionist still suggested eating veggies claiming that benefits from nutrients and vitamins are outweigh the risk of radioactive contaminants in there. This makes me especially concerned, because the vitamins will INCREASE absorption of radioactive elements by the body! (Similar to Nazis suggesting to the people to take deep breaths in the gas chambers during execution).Lessons learned:
do not listen to weather girls and equivalent journalists who are claiming that expected levels of radiation are harmless, especially if no data from the air mass survey is available.
It takes weeks until the reliable data is processed and published; the express measurements are inaccurate both ways
Learn about bioaccumulation effects of radioactive substances
Know the difference between external gamma ray bombardment and internal contamination of chemical elements that are radioactive (jumping over campfire vs. swallowing glowing coal).
P.S of top Ms. E. Loresca (KNBC-4) was hosting the outdoor event during highest concentration of I-131 radioactive particles in the air; let see how it would effect her pregnancy and further heath
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