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Called PCP today and unloaded

I was not rude I just told them Exactly how I feel, every symptom I just laid it out there.  I told them I am so tired I do not even feel like carrying on a conversation.  I told her what the Endo. said that my symptoms are not thyroid related and to call my PCP.  The nurse said all my symptoms sound exactly thyroid related.  ANYWAY....I had to go in for some blood work, and a B-12 shot.  I did not see the doc but that doesnt matter I just want to feel better.

One thing did bother me and I dont know why I did this but I went to the restroom with my chart so I could look at it, and in BIG letters it said on a page..ANXIETY and wants to be seen but you are BOOKED TO THE MAX....that kind of made me a little sad, because that is what I am now not a person but a NEEDY person with ANXIETY.

I could NEVER thank all of you enough for just being here, no matter what time it is or what the problem is you are there.  I dont have many real friends, but I wish I lived close to some of you or we could warp to one another for lunch or something.  You all understand EVERYTHING I am going through.
Dana =)
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I'm glad you finally unloaded on one of the offices.  And I (as a nurse) think you should report whoever wrote that note on your chart.  Even if it were to be true (and that's a big IF) it is completely unprofessional to have that in a place where a patient can see it.  *very* unprofessional.  I'm now getting off my soap box and giving you a *BIG* hug.  I'm praying for you and that tomorrow will be better.  Glad you're here.

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Sounds like she is covering her butt...................................you got in that is what matters but I can just imagine how you feel but stand your ground and trust your instincts .. don't let this get to you too much.  

When I had mega problems getting Dr's to listen when my son was so ill as an infant somebody told me (and this was 8yrs ago) to grow a tough, thick skin on the outside and buy a pair of imaginary earlplugs and you will do fine .. and you know something, she was right!!!!!!

:::cyberhugs friend,

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Good for you sis. and I do so wish we were all close so we could meet at least once a month.but you know I am still thinking we could still have our first chicken club meeting next year.Whaddaya think?
Hold on and spoil yourself..Your surgery will be here before you know it.
Love Venora
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Glad you stood up to them!  Felt good, didn't it?  Unfortunately that is what we have to do.  Most of us have been through just that and understand.

I would also turn in whoever wrote that on your chart.  That is your chart and you can ask to see it whenever you want to.  I do it all the time to make sure there is nothing written in there that is not true.  Can really hurt you on down the line.

Well, can't time warp to you, yet, so hope a great big ((((((((((((EHUG))))))))))) will help.

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I'm so sorry you are having such a bad experience.  I hesitated to share my anxiety with my dr because I was afraid she would just tell me to "deal with it", but my husband dragged me and I am so glad he did. Anxiety is as much an illness as something with an organic cause, complete with physical symptoms, and it should be taken seriously. As my doc says, there is no reason to suffer needlessly when there are medications, relaxation, and counseling techniques that can help.

I wish I could offer you more than moral support, but hopefully it will help you just a little bit to know that we all have experienced some degree of anxiety, and that you will eventually be able to move past it.

Good luck to you (and think of me going under the knife a few days later when you are well on the road to recovery).

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I doubt complaining that, on impulse, you shut yourself in the bathroom and read your chart would do much to undermine her observation.

All doctor's offices do things like that, though the smarter ones use a code system to note what patients may consider to be unflattering observations.

My guess is that a lot of patients facing surgery are naturally nervous about it and have similar notations on their charts.
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The point of my last post being that there is nothing wrong or unusual about being anxious, especially pre surgery.
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I'm glad you stood up for yourself. stay on them it is your right as it is your body. take care-pam
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About 8 yrs ago when my son was an infant and had serious reflux we had to see a Neurologist for my 7yr old daughter who had terrible reactive arthritis and under the care of a Ped Rheumatologist for 2yrs but she had a low-grade temperature for two weeks and was becoming more and more lethargic daily with bad leg pain that 2 rheumy's could not explain.  The Ped Rheumy's suggested 'IT WAS IN HER HEAD" and ordered counseling but in the meantime I wanted every other possible explanation exhausted b4 we did that route and she was getting worse so they got her in 1-2-3 to see this top-notch Neuro.  So back to the story now that you have the history.

I get into this Neuro's office for my daughter's appt and all she did was ? me as to WHY WAS MY INFANT SON WITH US at this appt and all these ?'s about his illness and her observations about HIM, blah blah blah ..... I answered them all and was VERY taken back as she suggested it was my daughter's appt and that he should be with a babysitter and why didn't I leave him with one and I replied that he has severe reflux and can choke to death at any moment from aspiration and she shut up fast but I was on the chopping block and found myself VERY defensive to numerous ?'s she was asking.

So she sends my daughter for a full MRI from head to toe the next day.   Agrees she isn't acting right for a 7yr old with a low-grade temp w/o a reason and off we go.

She has the MRI and on the way home says, "Mommy, my tooth hurts".  Opens her mouth to show me a HUGE FISTULA THE SIZE OF A RASPBERRY on her gum!!!!! THE KID HAD AN ABSCESS THAT WAS GOING SYSTEMIC so yes the doc was right 'IT WAS IN HER HEAD" ::sarcasim:: and bcz she was on strong meds to help the arthritis it masked a high temp and this NEURO MISSED IT ON HER ORAL EXAM!!!!!!!!!

Net Net ... the MRI was NORMAL (thank goodness) and from that point forward all the Ped Rheumy's and other Docs we came in contact with who heard the story respected me but it was at my dd's expense this came.

I WAS TERRIFIED to see what this Neuro wrote in her narrative about ME .. really worried after being worked over the coals by this doctor.  Thought she was wacko / bizarre and all about my son at my dd's appt (and my son was under the care of a recognized Ped GI, Pediatrician, and surgeon) and it turned out she wrote the most comprehensive narrative anybody could ask for when bringing it to another specialist (allergist).

So I mention this bcz these Docs and their offices can be bizarre but I was thinking maybe that she wrote Anxiety, etc., on your chart was to protect you in that they felt it was improtant not to dismiss your concerns yet the Dr. was booked to the hilt!!   I thought about that last night in the middle of the night ..... ????

So the end of my story is that my dd had the tooth extracted immediately and ended up with a spacer for 5 yrs until the molar came in and she was fine thereafter.  She was getting a reactive arthritis and pain from the BACTERIAL INFECTION for mos. swarming thru her body from the unknown dental infection and all they said was "msut be in her head" .. that comment, btw, was after they noted she was depressed and talking about children and what kind of graveyards are they buried in ??  .. yeah, I would be like that too if I had an abscess for mos. w/o treatment.

Hope I didn't babble too much .....

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Good for you!!:)  Sometimes you just got to put your foot down.lolol  I told my dr. endo for yrs how i felt and he would always its going to be ok, you read to much on the internet!!!!  I just had surgery last Thurs. for a 5.2 cm nodule/goiter.  I got really scared and lots anxiety before surgery.  I hope today is a better day!  I'm the same not many friends, around my kids and grandbaby (soon be another) alots.  I have a sister that's 5 yrs younger and live next door and I don't know what I'll do without her!!!  She went in the holding area with me before surgery, she stayed untilo I went out.  When is your surgery?  PRAYERS & ((((HUGS))))))
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