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Can I take selenium although it has wheat in it?

I am a 24 year old woman. I was considerably healthy. Ive had asthma since birth.
In June i noticed my throat swelling up, or inflammation. I couldn't swallow pills or eat because food would get caught in my throat.
This is now December. Within these six months I have been to an allergist im allergic to the world but the meds they gave me dont work.

I have had a ultrasound of my thyroid and i have nodules. I have had a needle biopsy aspiration. They were normal, but has features of hashimotos disease. Doctors did nothing. I have had a thyroid scan and uptake and the results are complicated long story short nothing big enough to give me anything. I am stressing out now. Sometimes my thyroid blood work will be normal, and when i stopped my birth control, they were abnormal. Now they are normal again.They think its hyperthyroid but they arent doing anything I have been to an endocrinologist as well.

I have seen a cardiologist for my heart problems , At first they wanted to chuck it up to stress but my white blood cells are high and my liver tests are a little off but no one is doing anything. Ive lost so much weight because i cant really eat. Doc has put me on propranolol for my heart but that makes my asthma act up. before they just put me on valium. I have been to the ER twice within the last month. I feel I am getting the run around can anyone help?

Recent findings. I seen an ENT. He says I have an autoimmune disorder that is causing thyroiditis, but they dont know what kind yet. I have been to a rheumatologist.He believes it is hashimotos thyrioditis.  I do not see him til next month, but I requested my blood results and my thyroid peroxidase is 127 which is high and my sed rate is also high. They are so slow with this process I want to get better. Although it might be hashimoto's I am experiencing hyperthyroidism symptoms. Yet it could be graves disease.

What does thyroid have anything to do with sinuses? I am confused.

Since wheat is obviously a problem area for me, would selenium be a good choice to fight the inflammation in my throat although there is yeast(wheat) in selenium?

my symptoms
-food stuck in throat
-post nasal drip
-mucus in throat but never goes anywhere
-ear pain with jaw pain
-swollen glands, swollen throat tightness
trouble speaking
-heart palpitations, heart racing
short of breath
cant eat wheat
-more i cant think of as the moment
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There's no doubt in my mind that this could all be related to thyroid issues. In Hashimoto's there certainly can be a period of hyper or swings of it.

HAs anyone ran blood labs confirming Hashi?

Those would be

Free T3  
Free T4

Most likely with your wheat allergy you could find more relief with getting off gluten entirely.  All products with gluten could be giving you grief.

Selenium can help for some. Mine doesn't not contain wheat or gluten. Check out high qaulity brand at your local health food store. A 200 mcg of it a good starting point to see if it relieves things for you.
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You can have Hashimoto's and Graves at the same time. You might be going through the hyper stage of Hashimoto's too. Hashi's is a bit like a slow tennis game, the ball goes up and down but you just never know where or when it is going to land.

BTW yeast is not wheat, it is a microscopic fungi.

You say can't eat wheat, are you coeliac or gluten intolerant? Have you had the tests for that? If you are a true coeliac or a gluten intolerant this will include not eating barley, oats and rye as well. You can have a wheat intolerance which is different again.

Birth control pills WILL affect your thyroid levels, it is to do with the high levels of oestrogen in it affecting the T4 in your system.  I'd advise you to make sure you use other contraceptive measures if you are stopping and starting the BC pill.

I thought my Hashimoto's could be due to my nasal mucous and back of throat goop, but it is more to do with asthma. I have a terrific guy who is VERY educated with thyroid disease and yet he is a sleep and respiratory specialist. He told me in great detail (and with pictures no less!) how asthma is the usual culprit of that. The lining of the nose and the throat and the lungs are all pretty similar and they will produce mucous in an attempt to capture any bad germs and pollens, unfortunately for us asthmatics this is usually a hightened event leading to lots more mucous than usual. I have had that problem since I was a little girl. I now use Fess saline spray and Nasonex, and ta-da! I can BREATHE again!

Have you had your iron levels checked?These are often low with Hashimoto's too, and may well be adding to your tiredness.
Always good to start with single symptoms and try to work through them, as I am doing, and then you can get a better understanding as to what IS the thyroid issue and what isn't. Many symptoms are so alike it is easy to blame the thyroid.

The rest of your symptoms though, do sound like the Hashi's is acting up.
Get the thyroid tests done and post them back here with the ref ranges. I am sure you are probably in the hyper range.

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I have had plenty of thyroid level tests. Once i stopped my BC, I realized the ball started to get rolling. But there was nothing significant enough to go on. So, recently I seen a rheumatologist. He ordered some tests. my Thyroid Peroxidase is very high, as well as my sed rate. I just seen my endocrinologist and he said he cant read my results. He cant do anything for me at this time. Your a thyroid doc why cant you? So I have to wait. I am very frustrated. I have been having these symptoms since June. You would think something would get done from all the money I am dishing out. I feel hopeless. Its apparent from my results that I have an auto immune disease. I can eat oatmeal. I just cut out wheat and gluten from my diet. I take nasonex from an allergist and that doesnt seem to work. I am getting these cocky doctors who think they know everything then when my results come in they seem to be baffled. Depressing.
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What did you endo mean by can't read the results? Did he spill a cup of coffee on them? LOL!  

Your sedimentary rate is due to having high TPO antibodies. This is not the same as having low iron though. Have you got that tested? Your results should have all the info there. Post them here, please with the ref ranges. Will be interesting to see.

I hate to be horrible, but after 20 years I am still no closer in being figured out why I am all over the place with my disease either. Also be aware, endocrinologists rarely study thyroid in its entirety. They are usually more diabetes trained.
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