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Can anyone explain this strange fluctuation?

Last summer I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My doctor uses the revised range of 0.5-3.0 as being the normal range and I presented with a 4.1 TSH level. I was started on 50mcg of synthroid and rechecked in November. My level was 3.9 so she increased the dosage to 75mcg.

I have two doctors that I currently see to treat my PCOS. I had pending blood lab sheets for both, one for the end of January and one for my endocrinologist for the beginning of March. Long story short, I got them confused and did the March one in January. I went in on the 26th of Jan, and my TSH was 1.2. I was kind of surprised at this number because I really didn't feel any better or different than before. On February 6th, I had my labs for my primary physician drawn and my TSH level was 4.8. My doctor is puzzled by this and says she really can't explain why there was such a drastic change in my TSH level in a week's time. The only possible explanation she had to offer was that I may have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Are there any other possible explanations for a change like that in such a short time, or has anyone ever experienced that?
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Sounds like Hashimoto's...when is your doctor going to test you for this? Ask her to fun a free t4 and free t3 with a new tsh when you get tested for hashi's.
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I can really relate to you. My TSH swings up and down rapidly between and in the past has been 1.4 one month and 4.6 the next! AR told me this can happen with Hashimotos. Also my endo told me that this can also happen as a result of problems with your female hormones which then put pressure on the thyroid. In my case it's because I'm having a premature menopause. Female hormones and thyroid hormones are very closely linked and have a tremendous impact on each other. Do you have any problems in that department? As that could be worsening the swinging TSH you have.
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I have also been on a see-saw in the past with my TSH.
After RAI, I was swinging a bit for a few months going from Hyper to Hypo but its starting to settle now.
I did go to 1.38 a few weeks ago and then 10 days later was 2.89 so it is possible to sway a lot with the TSH.
I suffer with Graves but my TSH level went towards Hyper as I am now tweaking my meds and had increased the thyroxin by 12.5mcg weekly.
I then went back down to my prior dosage and went to 2.89 in 10 days.
So as I said....now tweaking my meds but feeling good.
Got myself a fulltime job and am studying online distance course for a year.
Rite760 is correct about the female hormones affecting your levels.
Personally I went through the menopause roughly 5 years ago so it hasnt affected me.
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