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Can anyone offer me some suggestions?

I was treated for hyperthyroidsm in 2003 by RAI. I have been on 88mcg of synthroid since that time. I have noticed that I stay tired and have trouble with remembering things. It seems that the things I used to do like multitasking are now a struggle to do. I am slow getting myself ready in the am and find that I get tired after being up for a period of 4 hours or so. Everytime I go to the doctor they say my levels are in the normal range. Is there any suggestions that I may try to get some normalcy again?
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What are your test results?  They drs consider "normal" at ranges we can't always function at.  At a little over 1.0 I can't hardly funtion, but up to 3.0 is considered  "normal"  by most physicians and labs.
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It sounds like your thyroid meds may not be enough because the symptoms you describe sound like they could be s bit hypo.  Even though your tests results may be in the normal range per the doctor, they need to treat your symptoms too.  Sounds like you may need a medication increase.    (I had RAI for Graves too,  almost 3 years ago)

If I were you, I would call the doctor's office and discuss your symptoms and let them know that you feel you need a medication adjustment, and go slow with the adjustments.  Let them know that you do not feel normal and you probably have not reached your new  normal.  It sounds like your body has changed a bit from after your RAI.  It is normal to have to have adjustments periodically.  

Best of luck to you!
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I just went to the Dr. and he increased my synthroid to 100mcg. will let you know how this works out.
Thank you for your comment.
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Not sure what the exact levels read. I just received my results from mytestresults.com. All it said was that my TSH was in the normal range.
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