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Can anyone sense an object in their throat?

I have been feeling an object in my throat since January.  My voice gets hoarse.  My cough is either dry or bronchial sounding. The left side of my neck in several spots is extremely tender to the touch.  My breathing is restricted, especially with exercise.  My throat muscles ache and are tighter than tight.

For the last 9 months, I have wanted to take a melon baller and scoop this object out of my throat but all tests said there was no object.  All Doctors said it must be an inflamed nerve causing me this sensation. Now my recent MRI says there is a nodule!!!  

Could a nodule provoke all these symptoms?  Could a nodule irritate a nerve or muscle tissue as well?

I've also been experiencing sleepless nights, anxiety, tremor, dizzy, etc. but I attibuted it to all the strange medicines they are testing on me for laryngeal neropathy.
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How big is the nodule?
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I have had the feeling of an object in my throat myself.
It sometimes feels like your swallowing a golf ball.
That sensation is the feeling of your thyroid gland is enlarged.
I have had so many sleepless nights feeling very tired all the time.
the symptoms are of an under active thyroid gland.
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It sounds like you have Cricopharyngeal Spasm.  This is caused by allergies and/or acid reflux.  I had this problem for a while until I went to see an ENT doctor. Hope this helps.  
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Please dont use a mellon baller!!  haha    My endo dr. said mine was due to being hyper.  feeling anxious and that thing in the throat was all part of it.
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I have always believed in my intuition...and it has never steared me wrong so far.  Before they found my nodules I felt some of the same sensations.  I felt like something was pushing on my throat and some difficulty swallowing certain times.  I feel like I have this little alien in my neck that shows it's ugly head when it wants to.

I just wanted you to know that you are not alone.  I wish you the very best!

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I too, have the same sensations u and the others described. My voice gets hoarse, My throat feels like it's constricting in on itself and it's hard to swallow( had the barium swallow study) my jaw even hurts. I get ear pain that feels like someone jabbed an ice pick in there. I also have the cough that sounds like I 'm a smoker, but I am not, or that I have a perpetual cold!
I too have a nodule...in April I was told it was too small for the biopsy, I had a second US it was a wk this past Friday, with no responce from the dr office as to the resuslts.

We know our bodies better then the drs, so push, ask questions, and if u r not happy with ur dr, get a new one.

and as Karrianda said- u r not alone.

Good luck
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Strange as it may sound, but look up Eagel Syndrome.
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I have already been looked at for Eagle's Syndrome...not the problem.

I'm seeing Endocrinologist #2 tomorrow and hopefully, I will get an US.  After so much researching, if it's my nodule, it must be touching my recurrent laryngeal nerve.  The pain and tenderness does come up under my jaw at times but it's mostly residing in the left Thyroid area.  

Thank you for the kind words.  I do know my body but the problem is getting the Doctors to realize that YOU know your body.  I will report back what alien they find in my neck and if it can be the culprit.
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Exactly!!! lol...keep us posted, I may have a cousin to ur alien in my neck!!!

remember drs r only practicing......they don't have it down yet!!

Good luck with endo #2

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I can feel one there (since April 2008) but I haven't had an upper endoscopy done, or anything. I think my GP actually wrote it down as "globus hystericus", meaning she thinks I'm imagining it. I'm probably also imaging all of my other symptoms, too, like the swollen joints!

Let me know if you figure out what it might be, because my thyroid ultrasound in June 2008 showed a normal-sized thyroid, though the right side was at the upper limits of normal.
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What has been the Dx of any thyroid issues?

and are there meds being taken like Synthroid/ Levo - or Armour?
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No meds, fluctuating TSH for awhile (haven't had it checked since it kept showing up in the high end of the "normal" range and thyroid antibodies were fine), thyroid ultrasound showed heterogeneous echotexture, and radioactive iodine uptake scan was elevated by ~5% at both 6hrs and 24hrs. The doctors were baffled and the endo didn't think it was a real thyroid problem, so they kinda sorta diagnosed me as having thyroiditis after having said I was teetering on the edge of being hypothyroid.

Unless 'thyroiditis caused by something other disease' counts as a real diagnosis, I still have no idea where this lump in my throat came from, unfortunately.
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Yes, I have felt rocks and golf balls and squirming snakes in my throat. Mine is the goiter. I have had all the symptoms you describe and more. Sometimes (thought not lately) my thyroid throbs and hurts. Your comment reminded me of the time I thought about taking a knife to the endocrinologist's office and start cutting the darn thing out myself. "See, doc, this is how you do it. Don't be afraid of it...I'm not."
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Coco209- I know hard it can be to diagnose Eagle's Syndrome. I had two CT scans, MRI, and two ultrasounds on the neck area. They could never figure out what was wrong or why I was having all the pain. The only reason they discovered it was because of surgery being done for something else. They did end up removing the calcified ligament in the neck last week. Eagle Syndrome is rare and hard to diagnose.

I really hope they figure it out for you. I can say it is very painful.  Best of Luck.
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When this whole saga started for me it was because one I was gaining weight for no reason, two I could not control my body temp., and three because, and I felt like a nut saying this, but for months it had felt like someone had super-glued a skittle in my throat.  My doctor says that my nodule would have been to small to feel and that it was just reflux, however the skittle sensation went away after my TT.  If it hadn't been for the skittle I would never have gotten the ultrasound that led to the cancer diagnosis.  So I like to think my body was telling me that there was something amiss.
I would rather a few doctors think I'm a hypochondriac then have one doctor say "I wish we had known sooner".
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I share that same story but my tt was in may and rai in june and the feeling is still there..  any advice??  
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