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Can benign tumors change to cancerous tumors over time?

I ha e 2 thyroid tumors on the right lobe, one is around 2 1/3 inches the other a out 1 1/4 inches, I also have a cyst over 3 inches in size on my left lobe, I have had needle biopsies, came back benign, however Dr was stating something about the cells I didn't quite understand it and wants to repeat either the ultra sound,biopsies again in September. I have an extensive family Hx of all kinds of cancer, the cyst especially, is causing issues with my voice, and breathing at times, I want it removed, but I do think Dr is onboard with that. Can these tumors become cancerous, and if more tumors develop what are the chances they would be cancerous each tine more grow?
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I believe the dimensions should be in centimeters, not inches.
The benign nodules are NOT converting into cancerous; cancerous tumor may develop within a present benign nodule or outside of it.
The 3cm cyst can be treated with PEI (minimally invasive)
Occasional atypical cells are not equal cancer.
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