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Can my ion absorption affect my synthoid 100 absorption?

Had my thyroid removed because of cancer 8 months ago and literally dont know how I survived the past year, with the biggest losses of my life and stress. Since the surgery i ve felt shortness of breath, specially while lying, brainfog, pains all over, dizziness from time to time, coldsweat from time to time, depression, extreme anxiety. Doctors pointed the stress i was living and covid19 as possible causes. But last month felt worst, and started also to cough and feel pain in my lower body, like shock waves from the hip and spine down. So I took my hemathologist and endo tests i was saving for before the appointment. Besides minor things, Platelets are still low (74000) sized 13,4,  and ion is 216  mg/dL and saturation 74,5%.  
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Hi 3r1k4,

I assume you are talking about iron absorption and iron levels.  I take oral iron tablets and space those out about 8 hours from when I take levothyroxine (synthroid) because it can affect absorption.  I think it is recommended to space it out at least 4 hours from taking synthroid, I also take liothyronine (cytomel) about 4 hours after synthyroid, so I try to space the iron 4 hours from any thyroid meds.

Are you anemic?  I experienced many similar symptoms for the first 2 years after my thyroid surgery, turns out the combination of hypothyroidism and anemia seems to amplify many symptoms since both cause less oxygen to get to the brain (at least that is what happened to me).  I did not have a cough or lower body pain though..  Are your platelets (and possibly iron) low because you are losing a lot of blood every month?
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