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Can someone help answer some of my questions? I am not doing well

I am really not doing well and need some help. I have had Hyperthyroidism for about 5 years now and apparently every year it has gotten worse but have never treated it. I was always borderline and not able to be treated for quite a few years. I think it only really started to drop around two years ago. I neglected it when it wasn't borderline anymore due to the fact that I was on Medicaid on and off for years and at some long periods of time had no Medical Insurance at all. Currently, I am not covered since I just moved from NY to Las Vegas and have not had the time to sit in a Medicaid Welfare office for a whole day or two. I have SO much stress and things going on with my son and the school system out here that I always put myself last, my son is Autistic and he MUST come first.
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Hi you!  I just finished reading all of your posts, and I think I can help ease your mind a bit.  

Let me first say,  I too had horrible anxiety attacks, (that were brought on by XANAX!  hate the drug with a passion.  I had a horrible time going off of them, and had to sleep downstairs in the living room of my parents house for 3 weeks because I was afraid I would need help and would not be found until it was too late!).  I no longer have anxiety attacks and cured them without meds!!!!!  I wondered if I would ever feel normal again, and i do! And you will too, I swear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you need any other help with anxiety attack stuff, just post it here and I will give you some techniques that work!!!  Oh and all of the tests I have had done for my heart palpitations, (tread, ultrasound, holter moniter) have come back benign.  (similar family history as yours)  and let me say, when people have never had an anxiety attack or heart attack, they  just don't know how scary or real they are!!!!!

Secondly, please read this entire article, it is from a family practice Dr, who uses traditional and complementary alternative medicines, and it addresses how he has been treating and CURING people with almost every condition you list from, thyroid issues, to PCOS, to Diabetes, and even depression.


Print the article and take it to your new Doctors in Las Vegas, and also call Dr Flechas office and ask questions.  They were very nice and super helpful.  And you might want to talk to them about your son, because they told me there is a Doctor in Kentucky who is doing a study of 200 of his autistic patients, to test for the possibility of a link between iodine deficiency and autism!!!  Since your thyroid is out of whack it could be becasue of iodine deficiency, which would have affected your pregnancy.  It will sound odd to some of your Doctors, which is why I say bring the article with you!!!

Also, go to Dr Flechas website at www.helpmythyroid.com  for their number and even more info on iodine deficiency.

Hope this helps!!!! and if you need any other help, keep writing me!!!  Godspeed to you and your son, I believe good things are coming soon for you both!!!!

take care!  abl
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