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Can you die from insufficient sleep?

Well, I continue in my sleeplessness. I have tried it all, sleeping pills, ativan, and atarax , xanax, ambien, dalmane. Herbal remedies. I've tried the thinking ok, I will sleep all night long, I will sleep 4 hours. The doc office even gave me a shot to knock me out for a while. It lasted 1 hour.

Oh my heavens! I don't know what else to do. I am waking up every 1.5-2 hours. I can't sleep in the daytime. Can you die from no sleep? I am so exhausted, I just about am ready too.

For those of you out that are sleeping right now, "how wonderful"

I am trying to remain positive as I know that that is healthful in itself. But this is getting to be ridiculus.
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I nearly did myself in over not sleeping more than 2 hours a night for 3 weeks before my hypo was finally dx'd.

The only thing that helped, besides starting Synthroid, was the combination of Ativan and Trazadone. Within 1 week of the combo, I was feeling so much better.

Not sleeping is extremely disruptive to all of our body functions, particularly mood problems. My anxiety combined with the anxiety was horrific. I was unable to take care of my kids or myself. I describe it to people as "when I flipped out last summer".

I couldn't sleep during the day or night. I was non-functional, yet hyped up from anxiety at the same time.

I truly feel for you. Ask the doctor for an anxiety med combined with Trazadone. Sometimes Trazadone alone will help.
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I too have sleep problems for the longest time.  It seemed, the later the night, the busier my brian. I would think about anything and everything.  Tried most of sleep pills, herbal remedies to no avail except making me gain weight.  

.Finally,.., I've learned to quiet my mind from 6 pm on.  By that, I don't mean meditate. I stay away from violent, excitory movies, books, etc. I do some very easy reading before bedtime, as well as yoga.    With the help of 1/2 of anti seizure med.....I'm good to sleep at night.  It works, for me.

If for some reason.....I have a sleepless night, I don't give it much thought. I'd get up and do things until I get sleepy again.  

Think you'd like to try my method?

In friendship,

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thanks for sharing, but I already have tried those. I've even tried to go to bed at the first sign of sleepiness, as is suggested.

I have taken an ativan and atarax tonight, hour ago, and still awake. I feel no tension, just can't go to sleep. Oh well, I might as well do some reading and yoga.
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Have you tried Natural Calm magnesium supplement? I had insomnia from being hyperthyroid. It's super aggravating.
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Hi Sky, Yes, I have tried that natural calm. I have spent a small fortune of natural remedies. Yet they have been ineffective.

Thanks for the suggestion.
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hmmmm, severe insomnia is the pits. I was as bad as you before my hypothyroid was diagnosed and treated.

Now that I am straightened out, I still loosely follow the quiet-the-mind idea Kit mentioned as part of a maintainence plan. I don't EVER want to relapse into that insomnia mess again if I can help it. It scared the heck out of me and still makes me shiver just thinking about it..

Have you tried any of those soothing instrumental CD's that are sold everywhere now? How about sitting outside in your backyard in the evening letting the setting sun help get your circadian clock on track and enjoying the night air and sounds of the birds settling in for bed? Maybe you can make a deal with yourself and say that X amount of hours of laying there with your eyes closed in a relaxed state is as good as sleeping, and let it be. Who knows, if you can get yourself to the point of being able to relax, maybe you'll doze off for a minute here or there and it'll lead you down the right path. Do you get a dose of sunshine everyday? Maybe that would help a little.

I never took anything except an occasional benadryl to help me sleep so I don't know anything about helpful meds. I'd say prayer is what got me through, and I am convinced that that is what led to my diagnosis of hypoT.

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Thanks for getting back. I know it is getting some better, as I don't wake up and my mind gets to work. I just wake up. I have not been able to function, I am so exhausted. I have taken the last few days to just BE> there is definately ESP going on, because sitting outside, watching my chickens, turkeys and goat is exactly what I have been doing for relaxation.

Last night, I was so sleepy, I went to bed at 8, woke up at 9:15, took ativan 1 mg and atarax, and it still took over 2 hours before I went to sleep.  I did sleep 5 hours, so that is such a blessing and I praise God for it. However, I am not wanting to get used to using meds. That is a big fear, but I am also at the point of saying oh well, It is better to be addicted and sleep than unfunctional and insomniac.

It has really made me more sympathetic to others who have this issue. You can never relate to someone, until you experience it. That is for sure.
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What do you do when you wake up during the night?  Do you get out of bed?  
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no, I just lay there. I usually go back to sleep with 30 minutes.
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I went through a time when I got up, ate, watched TV, etc. and never slept...was almost unable to function after about a year of this.  Now I also just lay and will myself back to sleep.  

I left you a post about my Rx journey trying to get some sleep so I won't repeat it here.  It did seem to get better after I finished "peri" menopause and just had menopause.
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hi peggy!

I have not been on this site much in the last couple of weeks but you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. How are you doing with your sleeping situation?
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I have not slept more than 2-3 hrs a night straight since '94 after my TT. I too have tried all the methods mentioned above all to no avail. I have decided this is how my body will be for the rest of my life. I however, do not have the exhausted, fatigue, feeling. I still get up and go to work, and continue with my normal activities. I do not get sleepy during the day nor do i need naps. I have always had this and do not see it going away.

Could be due to our metabolism.
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hi, AMT, good to hear from you again. I am still in my none sleeping mode. Still exhausted.


That is horrible.  I hope that that is not the case. If so, then I have got to find some way to adapt. I am just pure exhausted.
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AM, how are you doing these days? I hope you are doing well....
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I am like you except every little thing keeps me from sleeping. I am a light sleeper to begin with. My brain does go a 100mph as well. I get up to go to the bathroom, I wake up because of night sweats, sometimes i get up to drink cold orange juice, sometimes i get up to find something to snack on. I use to lay down at 10pm, but it would be 12am before i would dose off, and i would be up in an hour or two. I have talked to my dr about this and all they can do is give me different sleeping pills to try, i finally gave up 3 years ago on taking anything. It does not seem to affect my daily activities so the dr. just says that is the way I am wired. I did not become this way until my TT, so I do believe it has something to do with that.
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I used to sleep like a baby until this thyroid decided it was having no more of that.

Do you ever feel tired? Are you synthroid or armour?
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I have never tried armour. I have been on Synthroid ever since the TT. I was on 200mcg for about 13 yrs, then for some reason they dropped dosage to 125mcg. I have never had problems with it that I can associate with Synthroid. I do get my levels checked every 1-1.5 yrs. The reason for the TT was because of graves/hypthyroidism. We tried the RAI, but it did not work. My body was to far gone before they finally figured out what was wrong with me. They kept treating me for depression/anxiety, never took blood work. It took another dr. about 20 seconds to dx me. My regular dr. was out and my neck had swelled so much. Went in for CT Scan, and was admitted right there and then. You would have thought my weight loss was a sign, but they never looked at that. I was down to about 85lbs, but ate non-stop. I still eat non-stop and have lost weight in the last 6 months, but that is a totally different issue, or at least they tell me it is not thyroid related since i do not have a thyroid...I think the graves disease did a number on my body since it took them 6 months to figure it out, by then my organs were affected...

The kicker is I never get tired, NEVER!  I know I need to let my body rest, but it won't.
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you never get tired....how awesome is that to someone that is totally fatigued!!

I have gone undiagosed with hypoT for so long. It is irritating when you don't know if the problem is from the medicine or the disease itself.

My issue is if its the medicine, and I change that will be good, but if its the disease, I change meds, the synthroid does not work, then I have to start back over on armour.

this decision, in addition to everything else is enough to drive you mad!!
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dr just called and is giving me seroquel. I only got 10 of them filled as I have BOTTLES of sleeping meds that have been tried and did not work.

ok, I am like so sleepy, I feel drunk,  but this was cheaper....ha ha ha ha
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I think that is what my dr. gave me last time. I will check when i get home and let you know. I only took it once, it made my body jerk.
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That ativan and atarax did me the same way, plus it did not work....
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well, here it is months later, and still waking up every 2 hours...with adrenaline surges. On armour thyroid, and BHRT. exhausted months ago.....

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I'm late to this party.  LOL  Just wanted to ask if you would post whatever thyroid tests results (and reference ranges) you have from those done to determine your meds and dosage.
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Before I was diagnosed with hypothyroid I start taking bioidentical hormones for menopause (estrogen and progesterone). They relay helped me with the sleep, no more sleepless nights.
Maybe you should check your hormones.
Melatonin can help in a way.
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