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Can you lose your voice completely after a TT?

I had a Total Thyroidectomy in Aug 2010, lost my voice for 8 months. The Doctor said that he nicked my nerves on my voice box during surgery and that is what he felt caused the voice loss. After regaining my voice I still lost/lose my voice a few days every month. Last year I felt a lump in the side of my neck, so I was sent to get a scan and it showed 20 % Thyroid Function, apparently it is growing back with a Cyst attached to it. I was then sent to see a Specialist at the Cancer Center to follow up, after finding out that it is not Cancer (Thank God!) I mentioned how I lose my voice, he did a procedure where he numbed my nose and ran a camera down my throat, when he did he said that my left side of my voice box is paralyzed, and that it is too late for Surgery. I lost my voice after speaking for 20 min straight at my work the night before Thanksgiving, and it kept going from a whisper to a hoarse sound for a few days, got it back that Sunday, lost it again the Monday after until this past Saturday, got it back until yesterday at noon. My ? is has anyone else ever experienced this type of on again off again loss, and should I fear that I will lose my voice completely one day?
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I've not known anyone who had this done.  You would have to consult with the specialist to determine whether or not the paralysis is progressive or not.  
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