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Can't see doctor anymore for hypothyroidism & low on meds.

So due to congress i no longer have health insurance, and my checkup to re-test my thyroid and renew my pescription for 75mcg levothyroxine is up and i can't go in, since no insurance for visit and for prescription, Worried about what will happen when my meds run out next week!

Money is very very low as we live off an income of $900 for a family of 5 one member being only 1yrs old. So little too say were lucky to have $20 left over from bills and household exspences so any suggestions on what i can do to obtain meds without a script, how exspensive it will be and if it is worse to try alternative supplements!
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Congress just continued unemployment, and Bush tax cuts, they have not voted on ant entitlements like medicare or medicade. So how do you get stuck without an MD or health insurance? My Armour prescription is $19.99
and that is for 45 90mg tabs (1.5grain) at Walgreens in Saint George, UT.
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Idk all i got was a lovely letter from the state medicaid saying that my annual renewal of benefits for medicaid was not available cause congress didn't vote on wether they were keeping it. hence the no medicaid cards in the mail for us also for this month! all they say is as soon as they vote and renew benefits my medicaid will resume but i have no coverage until then!
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I think that will be coming up shortly, I think they have a deadline as to when they have to vote on it. Where are you located in Utah?  FTB4
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That must be your State congress voting. You should call the Medicaid office and ask if there's a contingency plan.

Most counties in the US have county Health Departments from which you can get either free, or greatly reduced health care. You should check that out.  Additionally, you can check around for free clinics, from which you might be able to get help.

Some doctors will give reduced rates for those with no insurance and they might even let you make payments on the charges, if you make arrangements ahead of time.

There are no alternative supplements to thyroid replacement medication, nor can you get medication without a script.  When I was on levothyroxine the total cost of my 90 day supply was approximately $12.  You might call your doctor and explain the situation and just ask them to call in a script to get by until your Medicaid is reinstated.

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im in salt lake city
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Like Barb suggested, Try Salt Lake County and see if they have any programs to help you out, or your closest LDS Church, they may have programs also. Best Regards FTB4
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