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Check TSH at home??

Is there any kind of way a thyroid patient can check their levels at home periodically? You know like diabetics do?

I am certain we can't draw our blood - but is there a panel we can use?
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Not that I know of but it would be nice, wouldn't it?

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Yes there is....
See this link

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Thanks I found it after i wrote it.
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Thanks for posting that--will go and look it up. Might be cheaper than frequent dr. visits over the years?
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Just checked it out-disappointing.
Why just glucometers?
Why not thyrometers?

Maybe we should start a petition and mail it in to whomever could get the thyrometer started?

I bet AR-10 would buy the first hundred.

Okay--that was mean.

Sorry, AR-10--I feel like joking around.

Hope you are feeling better--if you read this:)  Your pal--chigirl29.
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He's cool with that I am sure. What a concept??? Hey? check your own TSH!!!!  He would find that refreshing right AR??

Pretty soon we should have the rights to medically practice on ourselfs with our meds and such. Did you ever see the commercial where the guy is hold a surgical knife ready to cut his beely open while the doc is talking to him via telephone?

I hope it doesn't come to that.
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Me too, I shake when nervous--there would be all sort of jags.
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You're crazy today. Feel'n hyper?? Looking back at my threads on this post I hate to imagine myself holding that knife. I can't seem get my fingers to type words correctly today.

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There is supposedly a new test for bed-side use for doctors offices/hospitals. I don't know if it approved yet, but it only tells if the TSH is over or under a 5!! Not too helpful and not available for home use as of now.
Maybe some day.....
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If they ever come up with a thyrometer, I'd buy a hundred for sure. LOL!!

And yeah, I saw the commercial.

"um, aren't YOU supposed to be doing this?"

I don't think I'll be trying that anytime soon... :/
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God help us if you do!!   ... New career? no thank you.
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Yeah--looks like AR-10 and I are both in a good mood today:)
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