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Checking to See How Everyone Is Doing

Hello - I'm just checking to see how everyone is doing maintaining thyroid levels and other health issues now that most of us are under "stay at home" orders, lockdowns, etc.  

I know some of you may have been laid off from paying jobs, have to stay home from volunteer work, etc and with all the conflicting information we hear in the news, everything added together can end up getting pretty stressful.  

In case you're getting bored and having a hard time finding things to stay busy with or are in an area in which you aren't allowed to walk outside, etc, there are a lot of exercise videos on YouTube that you can workout to.  It's also helpful to keep your mind/brain busy, so you can download a variety of puzzles, coloring pages (coloring isn't just for the kids) and other types of "brain games".  And don't forget to dig out those books you've packed away in boxes thinking that "some day" you'll get a chance to read them.  

Are you able to maintain all your prescriptions adequately?  If you're losing or have lost a job and might lose insurance, it might be a good idea to try to refill your medication prescriptions before insurance runs out, if possible.  Perhaps your doctor will work with you on this.

A lot of insurance companies are now allowing telehealth, so if you need medical care, don't be afraid to call you doctor to get help.  With the added stress some people might need psychological services, which can also be completed via telephone, Skype, etc and still be covered if your insurance routinely covers these services.  Again, don't be afraid to ask for whatever help you need - everyone handles this type of stress differently and we all need different types of help.  Don't suffer alone.  

Last, but not least, be sure to wash your hands often, practice the recommended social distancing and follow all the directions of the State and/or Local authorities in your area in regards to staying home, going to work, etc.

We're here to support and help you out in whatever way we can.

~~Stay safe and healthy~~
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Thanks for the info.  All okay here so far..  Hope you and your family are well.    
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We're doing okay here, though our state has a lot of cases.   It's the time of year that we spend a lot of our time inside in the air conditioning anyway but it seems like summer started way too early this year.  We have to be more mindful of how often/when we go out.  

I think it's good that Medicare, Medicaid and a lot of insurance companies have opened up to telehealth so people don't have to go their doctor's offices to get checked out for everything that comes up.  

I was supposed to be getting cataracts removed within the next couple of weeks, but there's no telling when that will get done, now.

I'm waiting for the appointment with my new endo to roll around at the end of April - hoping that doesn't get cancelled...
Hello All........... I live in Southeastern Pennsylvania, 40 miles west of Philadelphia.  Some cases in my county but not as much as the counties closer to Philly.  New Jersey and New York have much bigger problems.  Hopefully they find a medicine soon, I take care of my parents and there in there eighties. That's why I'm trying to get my medicine put back where it was, but my doctors are saying it's all in my head.  (I'll deal with them soon!!!!!!!!)

Everyone Be Safe!!
Of course, we read about the problems in NY, NJ and surrounding areas.  It's also becoming worse in my area because we did not have a "stay at home" order in place, nor were beaches shut down and of course there were those who felt that spring break was more important than health issues.  

We are now under a  state-wide stay at home order so hopefully, that will be heeded and will help stop the spread.

Stay safe so you can keep your parents safe.  
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