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Chicago Doctor-need help with Thyroid/Hashi/BiPolar Dx

Hello everyone,
I am hoping there is someone out there who can help me.  I started feeling really sick about 5 years ago, and sought out medical help.  Doctors kept saying all of my physical symptoms were in  my head and triggered by psychological issues and I was diagnosed as being bi-polar.  I was put on med after med that only made me feel worse and certainly didn't help.  After a whole lot of reserach and advocating for myself, I went to a couple of endos who diagnosed me with Hashis/Papillary Thyroid Cancer.  I am trying very hard to get reassessed for my bi-polar disorder diagnosis because I am in the middle of a horrible divorce and I need to be reassessed so I can get off these psych meds that are killing me.  Does any one know of a psychiatrist in the Chicago area who is not scared to reassess another doctor's opinion.  It seems that no one is willing to get involved when they know that they may be questioned on their diagnosis.

Any help would be so greatly appreciated.
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I can't help you with dr referral, but wanted to wish you the best! Keep searching and seeking and you will find. :)
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I am near you in Racine Wisconsin. I can offer you some assistance with what I have here.

MKlazca lives in Chicago. Try to personal message her.

I don't know how much reading you do on thyroid disease and bi polar, but many patients will find actually their thyroid disease is the source of the problem and many get labeled innappropriately because of it.

You will need two things I think. You will need to find a doctor that REALLY knows about hormones and be able to test you appropriately to see if you thyroid is causing all this grief with you. Also you will need to have a re-evaluation after thyroid disease  and hypothyroidism is solved to get off the books of the bi polar syndrome

I have someone in mind, but again - it would be in Wisconsin.

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