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Chicken Club Redux

For you newbies who have no idea what the Chicken Club is, or for you oldies who remember it in spite of brain fog, here it is!  

The new!  The shiny!  The chock full of crunchy goodness Chicken Club!

What do you need to be a member?  Thyroid problems and brain fog.  That's it.  See?  You're a member already!  A sense of humor helps too, but is optional.

This all started courtsy of the following threads.  

Read them.  Love them.  Rub them against your cheek.

http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/17234  ;

To add to the frivolity, we've also created a place to share pictures.  You can see them here:

Now, if you're interested in uploading any pics to the album, I've made it simple.
1.  Go to www.photobucket.com
2.  Enter the album name:  chickenclub_album
3.  Enter the password:  thyroid

Welcome to the Chicken Club!  Now go put on your tin foil hat and eat some chicken!
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Thanks for the bizzare links. :/
No wonder I feel at home here...

Everyone participating in those threads will be investigated fully for purposes of national security. LOL!!

Actually, I was trying to explain The Chicken Club to someone the other day. I told her it was a little joke among long time members involving a picnic, fried chicken, and some sort of secret handshake. Apparently it also involves several rolls of tinfoil. LOL!

I guess I should have told her it was a lot like the Shriners.
LOL!!!  Bunch of clowns. :)
168348 tn?1379357075
I've been meaning to ask .. has anybody made the tinfoil hat out of the new Quick Release Reynolds Wrap?  Maybe we should contact them for recommendations ROTFLOL!


393685 tn?1425812522
thank you - i did ask about this- but was to embarrassed to put it out there.  It is a blonde thing ya know.

THX for the post too. It helped alot.
213044 tn?1236527460
The photobucket slide show is a hoot!!

I'm going to have to find something to add there. :)
168348 tn?1379357075
the slideshow is AWESOME!!!!!

Now, I'm not sure .. why did I upload Rabbit Stew?  Oh .. they need tinfoil hats .. oh, that must be it ... BTW, these little rabbits are a year old now .. may be old enough to fit for an adult hat!

Yeah ... chicken soup is kind of like rabbit stew ... now I get it!

209384 tn?1231168306
Thanks for the laughs!  As always you crack me up!

The picture of the naked chicken almost had me rolling on the floor!!!!  OMGosh.  Love the picture of you and your dh!  Don't know exactly what I thought you looked like, but that wasn't it.  Wouldn't have guessed it now for the trademark blue hair.  :-)

Boy, Cheryl, what kind of brain fog did you have that day to make it stretch that far?!  ROFLOL  Poor wittle bunnie raggits!

168348 tn?1379357075
Better rabbits in the hutch than on a collar or earmuff .. what da 'ya think ... **beep beep** .. wait, was Road Runner a bird?

Anyway ... Love the chicken log and will repost it ...  ~:> )=

201897 tn?1245842334
Cheryl - The answer to rabbit stew is here:  http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/17578

Haven't tried the quick-release foil yet.  Thinking it might defeat the purpose.

AR-10 (sorry, don't know your real name), Glad you like it!  Its a labor of love.  Ummm...no.  That's not quite right.  A labor of dementia maybe?  

Stella, you're welcome. :)  

Dac, if its any consolation, that's not what I think I look like either.  Hate that pic. Think it makes me look goofy and waaaaay too conservative.  Was taken at a wedding so I had to be on my good behavior.  Unfortunately, its the only pic I have of me with the blue hair.

Bunny raggits! :D

I have a lot more pics to put on the album.  Problem is, I keep coming up with different captions for the same pics and can't decide which is better.  Btw, feel free to change the captions.  They're just what I could come up with at the time.
168348 tn?1379357075
Dac, then I should feel embellished you kept my original caption to the Rabbits?

201897 tn?1245842334
I'm not Dac....   ;)

....but I kept the original captions on most of the pictures that other folks put in there (though it would be disrespectful to change them).  The only tweaking I did was fix spelling, caps, or punctuation on the ones I changed.
201897 tn?1245842334
P.S. I *did* add captions for those pics that didn't have any.
168348 tn?1379357075
OOPS ... I guess the brainfog qualifies me to stay on the board?  sorry on misdirecting the post ... *tisk tisk* on me,

The Rabbit Made me Do It,

209384 tn?1231168306
That's okay to confuse us.  Nyxie's much funnier than I am.  ;-)  You know, the only hair color I've never had is blue, I think.  Maybe I should try it.  Whatta ya think?  lol

"Wittle bunnie raggits" is from my crazy mom.  Except it was suppose to be waggits.  I apparently don't quote very well either.

If I could figure out how to get the guinea pig to be still with a tinfoil hat on his head I might try it.  But some how I feel guilty doing things like that to a blind guinea pig.  =(  lol
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