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CoQ10 for hypothyroidism?

I've been reading that CoQ10 is definately a must if you're hyper, but I've read conflicting things about taking it if you're hypo. I read it can interfere with synthroid and I've read it can help. I also read it can help with vertigo, which I've had a severe case of for over a year. Any thoughts?
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I never had a great outcome with it as a supplement... I can't imagine in my case when I was hyper Graves taking it as while I was hypo and tried - it made me feel like my skin was crawling and I was so jittery on it. Each time I tried I was miserable but that's me.

Seeing what I had experienced I am SO thankful I didn't use it as Graves hyper. God knows I am sure what the outcome would have been.
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I have always had success with CoQ10, and I am hypo.
One important thing about CoQ10 is that it HAS to be in the form Ubiquinol, for people over 30, for proper absorption.  As we get older we lose the enzyme ability to break down CoQ10 into Ubiquinol, so it is a waste of $ to take wrong form. Maybe that is why you all had wrong reaction.
It is a very good heart healthy, metabolic energy supplement, naturally found in our bodies. Of course as we age it becomes greatly depleted.
Ubiquinol may be necessary if you have lowered hydrochloric acid in your stomach, which can be genetic or an age-related phenomenon. If you use a reliable B-Vitamin Complex, it will help you to utilize the less expensive ubiquinone.  Also choosing a medical grade product makes it more reliable.  Also, remember that anyone can be intolerant or allergic to a product.  The allergic reactions can be pretty bizarre and so could include the sensation of crawly skin.
The timing of medications and supplements is actually important.  For instance, thyroid meds should not be taken with many supplements, like calcium, magnesium, iron.
Finally, a qualified naturopath could really help sort out the picture.  Most of the Canadian provinces have licensed ones, and many of the USA states do as well.
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I've been reading that when you're hypo you have too much CoQ10, but when you're hyper you are lacking in it. So being hypo I'm afraid to take it and have too much.
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Well that could be as for me - I only tried it when I was hypoT and not prior to RAI for Graves.

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I never heard of it for hypo or hyper. Rather here in Aus it is a must for those taking anti-cholesterol tablets, of which I am one of them! Our bodies get depleted of Co enzyme 10 when taking them. I can't honestly say I noted any change good or bad taking them and have been for many years. It is an important anti-oxidant, which taking statins  (anti-cholesterol tablets) can deplete the body. It provides the cells with energy, not the muscles. So if you think you feel good on it, then so be it.
Great share!
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