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Colonoscopy-->Thyroid Disorders

I am doing a research project, and have found that some of my subjects had routine colonoscopies (spelling?) and soon thereafter, developed thyroid conditions.  Is there a known relation between these things?  I would be helped much by your response, as you will be credited for any information you provide and it will aid me in my studies.  Thank you.
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Do you mean colonic irrigation or colonic? If so I had a colonic a couple of months ago before I had thyroid surgery, so maybe there is a link.. I felt quite light heady and drained after after my colonic..

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Any information you have is welcome, whether it is simply relevent or an exact answer.  So, please, share any information you have that would help me in my studies.
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Well I dont know about that connection but there is a definate connection between IBS and thyroid malfunction. I had IBS for 30 years(D) pain , bloating and nausea. then after I got my thyroid out... no IBS no pain only a little D now and thne but no pain.I am now loosing weightsince I have the right med dose. No  more bloating and nausea. I would be curious to hear from others with IBS and a TT
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Interesting way to correlate "both ends"  :-)

I've had IBS since I was a teenager and had my first colonoscopy when I was 18.  Have had about 4-5 since then (now 41).  Since my TT (cancerous) and correct levels of my thyroid replacement meds my IBS has resolved itself.

Could there me more correlation between age?  People in their late 30s+ tend to find thyroid problems and many begin to have colonoscopies when they are 40+

By the way, I have 4 sisters.  None have had colonoscopies but all have had TTs (three for cancer and the other with precancer)
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Please give some background.  What are you doing research for?
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I am a high school student and am doing a research project that has spanned over the last three years.  Several years ago, both of my parents were diagnosed with thyroidism (hypothyroid: hoshimoto's).  My research the past two years involved the disorders themselves and the related symptoms.  This year, as I have researched more, I decided to obtain personal accounts of experiences with thyroid problems, treatments, testing, and analyze relationships between other problems or prodecures and the development of thyroid related problems.  I am also studying the possibility that I will develop a thyroid disorder due to heredity.
I was curious as to whether anyone had discovered a relationnship between the prodecure of a colonoscopy and the development of thyroidism because several of my subjects explained that only a few days after having a routine colonoscopy, they developed thyroid related symptoms and were diagnosed positive.
Any information you have is welcome, and appreciated.   Thank you.
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