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Computers and Hypothyroidism

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in Oct 07. My doctor said I had it awhile since my symptoms were bad and TSH levels over 150. I don't know the initial count. That was one month after 25mcg levothyroxin. I'm getting closer to taget, yet none of my symptoms have got better. I actually feel worse. The weight gain has put me borderline diabetic and I have now been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease stage III.

I look back, I can remember my symptoms starting in 2005. My family has no hypo history, only hyperthyroidism.

In 2005 I bought a new computer with a 17" CRT monitor. I use a computer alot. I noticed my eyes getting burnt. They would swell and the surrounding skin would be beet red and dry wrinkled. Similar to being overexposed in a tanning bed or in the sun. I used many computers and none has burnt my eyes like this.

I figured this was from the radiation from the monitor and tuffed it out for two years. Always dealing with burnt eyes when I used the computer alot. 2007 I moved and bought a laptop. I never hooked that computer back up. My eyes got better.

Last month, I hooked the same computer back up and started using it. Again my eyes got burnt.

Now that I put two and two together.... monitor... radiation...burnt eyes
They used radiation to kill thyroids in hyperthyroid patients.
I now believe this computer monitor killed my thyroid gland!!

Has anyone else experienced burnt eyes and are now hypothyroid??

Any thoughts appreciated.
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No, the modern CRT moniors are not damaging yor thyroid.your eyes may get tired due to the flickering of the screen.The flame retardant put in the carpets and upholstery, and the fluoridated toothpaste are responsible for low thyroid function especially in women and children.
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I think you would be blind, or develop signs of radiation sickness long before it killed your thyroid.

I am sorry to say that some of your symptoms may linger quite some time after you hit your target numbers and stabilize.
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As AR has so graciously stated - it really would be unusual - but at least you are looking for answers.

This is what I suspect - I am no doctor - but I believe - since you have a family history of hyperthyroid you may have carried the antibodies of hyperthyroid and that killed your thyroid now. A person can go hyperthyroid for many years and not think they are sick until it really knocks some patients off their feet. You may had a slow death and not even know it. Look back - were you full of LOTS of energy way back? Were you a thin person and could eat and not diet much to stay that way? We're you "on the go" all the time? Those can be associated with hyperthyroid and some people don't know. I believe I was hyperthryoid for at least 15 years before I was actually Dx in 2003. I never would of went to the doctor either - if I didn't have an OB GYN appt due. Lucky I went - b/c I thyroid stormed 6 months later. :(

Your TSH is WAY OFF - you won't feel well until you get to somewhere near a 1.0 or even 2.0. After you get there you will have to start a new way of eating - living - and exercise to work off what you want - it is not a picnic (no pun) and it is depressing - but we all can do it - after we are euthryoid. Not until then unfortunately.

Right now - focus on getting euthyroid and nothing else the rest will come.

As for the fluoridated toothpaste and things - Yes I have SOME belief in those not being good for you - but you have to endure a ton to even speculate that - the logical reason I say that is because look at the amount of RAI a thyroid patient has to endure to kill off their gland when necessary. You can not eat that much toothpaste in a life time. More is going on than just that.

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The reason I said that is I used several computers for several years. Yes I know about tired eyes. This is very different, my eyes actually get burnt and the surrounding skin is red and very tender to the touch. Not to mention dried up and wrinkled like prunes. I'm not that old yet, lol.
Very similar to welding burn if you have experienced that. Or for the woman, staying in a tanning bed way too long without eye protection.

My brother works at a nuclear plant. I'm going to have him bring me a rad monitor just to test it. What little research I've done, I run across several doctor suspicions on the correlation, yet no studies have been done.

I emailed HP over the weekend about it. I've had 4 phone calls so far this week from them, lol. So they even have some concern.

I'm up to 125mcg now and my last test my TSH was down to 40. Still feel terrible if not worse.

Thanks for the replies.

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We'll post your findings - we'll listen.

AT a 40. through- you would feel bad and dry eyes are common in hypothyroid. I can't see you eyes - but if burnt -- good luck with that.
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I have trouble looking at a regular screen. I would be even dizzier than usual on our PC.

The laptop screen is better for my eyes.

It is nothing to do with radiation, but I think it is the quality of the screen and the way the words look.
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