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Confused in Florida

Just had bloodwork completed.  TSH of 0.15 and T4 of 2.3
I've been on levothyroxine for years - dosage .137 micrograms
What does this mean - one number is low the other high
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What is the reference range for the T4 and is it Free T4 or Total T4?  It does make a difference.  

Are those the only tests you’ve had done?   Have you had Free T3 tested and do you know if you have Hashimoto’s?  

What, if any, symptoms do you have?
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it is free T4,  I was told decades ago that I do have Hashimotos.  I had several tests run.  My symptoms are feeling the cold,
headache, fatigue, foggy head and a general unwell feeling.  
What is the reference range for the Free T4?  Ranges vary lab to lab so they have to come from your own report.  Your Free T4 appears to be higher than the typical upper ranges we see, but again, that depends on the range used by your lab.

What other tests did you have done and when were they?  Have you had a Free T3?  If so, what was the result and corresponding reference range?  

Have you ever had Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D and Ferritin tested?  If so, what were their results, with reference ranges?

I'm sorry to keep asking questions, but without adequate information, it's impossible for us to give much help.   Your labs indicate that you might be over-medicated (depending on reference ranges), but your symptoms could indicate, either, over or under medication.

Just for information, TSH is counter-intuitive... In a perfect world, when TSH is high, actual thyroid hormones (FT4 and FT3) would be low (hypo) and when TSH is low, thyroid hormones would be high (hyper), with symptoms corresponding accurately.   Unfortunately, this isn't a perfect world and we can't always tell just by looking at labs, since your labs indicate hyper (over medicated), but your symptoms could indicate either.  This is especially true, with no Free T3 since Free T3 is the hormone that our body's cells actually use.  
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