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Confused looking for answers

Good morning. I had some test done last week and went to doc yesterday and I'm very confused. Be patient with me because I don't have all the number because in mexico the docs don't give the results, they keep them. So I have been hashi for 15 years. I went and got an ultrasound about six months ago because of stabbing pain in my neck and it showed multiple nodules in both sides, size range from 2mm-7mm. Never had an ultrasound before. Also six months ago my tpo was @400(never had that checked either, that I know of. So yesterday my tpo was at 631, my t3 .982  free t3 1.10.  t4 7.80  tsh 1.24, they did not do free t4. They also did other hormones like cortisol is was 10.7  estradiol was 114. They checked insulin which was 15.3 fasting and jumped to 70 after two hours.  By the way I am not diabetic. Glucose was 74. Also my triglycerides are low side @ 58. I don't health healthy nor exercise because of knee pain.  
Those are the labs, what I am confused about is, I am on 75mcg of euritox which is same as synthroid, in Mexico. The doc told me to jump to 125 mcg. Here is how I am feeling....I am tired but unable to sleep, having menstrual problems (3rd period in one month) not hungry but when I am I get nausea, crazy headaches, light sensitive, joint pain and swelling.
My aunt said she would not increase because I sound hyper. I have no heart palp., I don't feel like I am going 90 to nothing, not sweating, what should I do? I am afraid to raise meds and something happen and the damn docs don't know how to treat it here.  

Any help is welcomed. Have a great day
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Please post the reference ranges with your test results.  Ranges vary lab to lab and country to country.  We need to see where in the ranges you fall.

A good way to do this is:
Test Result (Reference Range)
for example
FT4 1.0 (0.8-1.8)

Once we have those, we can better see how your thyroid is functioning.
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