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Confused with my test results

I'm not understanding my test results, although the doctor says I'm fine.
TSH- .4
Free T4- .78

Am I close to being hyper or hypo? I'm not taking meds and had partial thyoidectomy almost 1 1/2 years ago.  When I look at the symptoms for being hyper or hypo, I seem to fall under both ( i have a few symptoms from each).
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Thanks everybody for your replies.
Last time I had an ultrasound was June 2009 and my right side was fine, it had not increased in size and there was no evidence of any nodules or anything.

I didn't take any meds before my PT because I was never diagnosed as having any problems with my thyroid. After my PT, I went back to my Endo and he put me on 25mcg of Synthroid. I was on it for a year.
The last Endo I went to said that it was such a low dosage and taking it or not made no difference. He said that my thyroid was normal and he said I didn't need the meds anymore. I had seen him in August 2009.
He did however have me do bloodwork, TSH and FreeT4 in November 2009 to see if there was a difference in the results. (the results above in my original post is from this november 2009 test)
I got a call him his office and was told that the results were fine and I didn't need to go back on the meds.
I'm living in Canada right now, but moving to Georgia in a few months. I plan on going to see a doctor and bringing all my records with me and go from there.

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You are missing one key test, which would be much more definitive.  That test is for the most biologically active thyroid hormone, free T3.  With your FT 4 result being (I expect) in the very low end of its ref. range, I would also expect that your FT3 would likewise be in the low end of its range.  Those results would most probably indicate hypothyroidism.   Although TSH does not correlate adequately to be a diagnostic, it is at least an indicator.  Having a low TSH along with low FT4, suggests there may be pituitary issues that should also be checked out.

As far as symptoms, patients report here all the time that thyroid symptoms sometimes cross over and occur with both hypo and hyper conditions.  In your case I would bet a good cup of coffee that you are hypo.

When you go back for follow up testing, I would insist on Testing for FT3, and also the thyroid antibodies, TPO ab and TG ab, as well as Vitamin D and B.  And don't forget about the pituitary question.

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Your Free T4 is too low. If you had a Free T3 done with your free t4, we could see the whole picture of what your active thyroid hormone is doing. TSH is a pituitary function test only, and your Dr should be looking at your Free's first.
When did you have your last ultrasound done on your thyroid to make sure you haven't developed nodules on the existing side?
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I also have low tsh but low t3.  I just posted about it...  I'm not sure how your surgery comes into play, and I am not an expert...but could this indicate central hypothyroidism?

I hope you get answers soon!!
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any info would be appreciated. thanks
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