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Constant Extrem Hunger-

Does anyone else have extreme hunger?  I have the Hashitoxosis , I thought maybe I was having trouble with low/high blood sugar too, so I bought a monitor to check. Al normal, but If I don't eat every 1 1/2 to3 hours I actually get shaky, sick, and thoughts go haywire. Right now I think I'm more in a hyper state but wondered if anyone else has this extreme hunger? (pretty much no refined sugar in my diet right now)

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  Boy do I get hungry!!!  I have to eat every few hours too. I've limited that eating to fruit or low cal protein bars. Thankfully I haven't had a weight gain.

   This past week I was soooooooooooo hungry at lunch time I had to eat an entire meal. If i didn't i became shaky and foggy. Needless to say I haven't been hungry at dinner.

   Anyhow- you are not alone!

  Best Wishes`

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Same here.  I had a TT(due to papcan) in Jan 07 did the RAI in Mar and now even if I skip a meal I get the same way and was never like that before.  I could go hours and almost a whole day and still not feel like that until I had this little bugger taken out of me.  Things to make you go hmmmmmm....

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Ditto here!
Im hungry all the time.Ive gone from 189 to 170lbs since december.I cut out all red meat and refined sugar from my diet and have been lifting weights and doing cardio like a madman.I have to eat every couple of hous but if i do its usually something like raw almonds,brazil nuts,yogurt or fruit..Suffice to say our metabolisms have definitely changed
Good Health!!
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Me too! (TT 11/30/06)   I'm always wanting to snack - but not so bad if I have a low GI meal.  And don't get in my way or delay meal times - the hunger monsters emerge and I get very short and irritable.  
While I agree with Roman that our metabolisms have changed, once we are optimised on replacement therapy that should correct itself - as then the body should (theoretically) know now difference between thyroid hormone from self or replacement.  
Even before the TT I know I am worse in the cooler seasons when it comes to being hungry all the time.  And when stressed!  Currently dealing with both!  
It's nearly lunchtime now... mmm....
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If I'm this hungry now, after ablation it could get worse , yikes!
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I am the opposite: The more hyper I go on the TSH levels the less appetite I have .. I have found myself not eating lunch bcz I haven't been hungry .. once food is in front of me I eat but no real appetite to dig in ?????? Weight is the same so far,


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