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Consticting Airway

Hello, I have a thyroid Goiter that showed up on the ultrasound as a possible multi-nodular goiter. It is 6.4cm x 2.1cm x 2.0cm and it is causing many symptoms. The major symptom it has caused is great trouble breathing and it is worse today.  I have an appointment w/ the Endo on July 7 but with the trouble I am having breathing (can't finish a sentence), I called my ENT and they tried to get me into the Endo (which I haven't seen yet) and they wouldn't see me yet.  The ENT nurse suggested I go to the Emergency Room.  Is this what you think I should do? I am unsure, but my breathing is pretty labored and my blood pressure is up to 142 over 94.  Thank you.

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If you are having problems breathing you should definitely be seen somewhere, either by your primary care doctor or the ER or urgent care or something.  It took me forever to get in with my Endo.  

Hope you feel better soon.
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