I have no insurance, but need the thyroid uptake scann.  A not too distant hospital charges $580 for the procedure.  It that price about the going rate?  I live in the midwest.

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An ultrasound and an uptake scan are different tests.

Didn't know FNA's were so expensive though...ouch.
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Here in WA State I paid cash for my scan, received 20% discount. Total bill was $179.00.
The next step, the FNA is what got me.. two different nodules @ $620.00 each ($1240) then had to pay the lab to review the samples which cost $ 1090.00. So an FNA runs about $2330.00.  Everyone told me it was the ultrasound scan that cost the most...wrong.
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You have to do what you have to do.
Hats off to your GP for helping you out.
I'm not sure how much longer I will have insurance.

My GP is very good at thyroid stuff, and also at helping me any way he can. I'm hoping one day I won't have an Endo either.

I'm glad you got that problem solved. Good luck with the scan.
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I hate to admit this, but I don't have an Endo.  I have a GP and he helped me find today a hospital that was that was the best value out of three contacted.  It took his office staff over an hour to shop around for the best price.  He is tops in my book.

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Call three other hospitals and ask.

Did you tell them it would be cash, no insurance hassle, and ask for a discount? That might get you a deal if you can afford it.

The difference between the full cost of a treatment (which the uninsured often are charged), and the amount the insurance company tells them they will pay is often quite a bit. If you have cash and offer to pay up front (for a discount) you may get charged less than what they can get out of the insurance company, because it's less hassle and instant money for them.

Just a thought, even if you had to borrow the money.

Will your Endo accept results from another facility?
My Endo would make noises about not trusting the results.
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