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Could I have Hoshimoto's with normal antibodies?

I've had hypo. since early 50s. For 20 years I took Armour and it worked great. A couple years ago doc switched me to Levothyroxine as TSH was up and down. Last Fall I began to suffer from severe muscle aches and weakness in upper arms, hips and upper legs. Doc prescribed Celebrex. When I lay off the meds aching extends down arms into wrists and hands now and can move up into left jaw. Last blood work after switch to 75mcg levo. and 1/2 25mcg lyothyronine showed TSH=.54, Micro. TPO antibody=10, Thyro. antibody=20. Vit D=52, B12=486, Folate=20. Prescription was changed from 100 mcg levo. due to last blood work showed TSH=2.17, T3 total=68, T3 rev.=29, Thyroxine=10.3. I am so tired and ache all the time. New Endo said no Hoshi but I read it can take years for antibodies to show up in blood.
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Stop Cymbalta.  I had the same issue when I took it switched meds Armour to Levo/ Cytomel my issues stopped.
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I did great on Armour. It all started about a year after switching to Levo. Really got out of sinc so doc added Cytomel and I had a reaction to it. Lips and mouth swelled and raw.  And I don't have allergies, normally. LOL
Sorry, forgot to ask what Cymbalta is? I have never taken that. I have also been putting on weight with Levo. Wondering if switching to Synthroid would be better?
Sorry Celebrex
It is not the brand of med.  Assuming that your Free T3 is similar in range to your Total T3, the problem for you is inadequate Free T3 level, compounded by excessive Reverse T3.    Your body is converting too much T4 to Reverse T3 instead of T3.  

Some of the reported causes for Reverse T3 dominance are “Leptin resistance; Inflammation (NF kappa-B); Dieting; Nutrient deficiencies such as low iron, selenium, zinc, chromium, vitamin B6 and B12, vitamin D and iodine; low testosterone; low human growth hormone; Insulin dependent diabetes; pain; stress; environmental toxins; free radical load; haemorrhagic shock; liver disease; kidney disease; severe or systemic illness; severe injury‟, surgery; toxic metal exposure”  Since hypothyroid patients are so often deficient in Vitamin D and ferritin, that is a good reason to have those tested, along with B12, and supplemented as needed to optimize..  D should be at least 50 ng/ml. B12 in the upper part of its range, and ferritin should be at least 100.

Short term you might benefit by reducing your T4 med and increasing your T3 med.  What is your current dosage of T4 and T3?

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Before answering your last question I'd really like to know the reference ranges shown on the lab report for the T3 total, Reverse T3, and thyroxine.  
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Sorry but I'm not sure my answer got to you since I was doing it on my cell and this site seemed to work different. T3 Uptake-31.9 (23.4-42.7), Reverse T3-29H (8-25), Thryoxine 10.3 (4.9-11.1), T3 total 68L (80-200). I might add that I have been putting on some weight since switching to Levo. Any chance that a switch to Synthroid would make any difference? My daughter is on Naturethroid and doing great, I hear it is better than Armour in it's consistancy.
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Hashi's or no Hashi's for a hypothyroid patient to feel normal requires adequate levels of Free T4 and Free T3 to relieve symptoms.   Hashi's doesn't cause hypo symptoms.  Inadequate thyroid levels does.  There is much to discuss, but first please list the reference ranges shown for those thyroid related test results.  
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Doc didn't measure those. Next bloodwork appt 5/21. Just concerned about health of thyroid gland along with worry over feeling so bad.
Can my symptoms be solely from thyroid being out of wack?
Absolutely.. I am a nurse and also have hypothyroidism and it is a battle.  The problem is their is a wide range for the numbers.  I feel normal only when my numbers are at the high end of normal.  There is a great book call thyroid reboot that is extremely educational.  Also hormones work directly with the thyroid and can wreak havoc there.  They never look at that.  I had to force them to look at my research between hormonal levels and my thyroid.  
In addition to the wide ranges, everyone can have different levels at which they feel normal.  TSH cannot be used to determine a hypo patient;'s thyroid med dosage.  It has to be based on relief of hypo symptoms, guided by levels of Free T4 and Free T3.In addition it is important that Vitamin D is at least 50 ng/ml, B12 in the upper part of its range, and ferritin should be at least 100.  And of course you mentioned hormone levels.  

If you want to see scientific proof of what I have said, have a look at our paper on Managing the Total Thyroid Process.

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