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Could I still be Hypothyroid at TSH 3.5

I recently got the results of some blood tests back. One of them was for my Thyroid my TSH level was at 3.5. My doctor said this was normal and that I didn't have a problem with my thyroid. Infact the only thing that showed up was quite bad anemia with hemoglobin and 10.2, 0 ferritin and also low red blood cell count and the red blood cells are also too small.

I feel I have many of the symptoms of Hypothyroidism such as :
feeling tired and sleeping a lot
feeling the cold easily
dry and/or pale skin
coarse,hair that falls out a lot.
sore muscles, slow movements and weakness
sometimes a hoarse or croaky voice
frequently problems with memory and concentration
fairly dramatic weight gain over the past year.
heavy, irregular or prolonged menstrual periods
light sensitivity, dizzy spells, palpitations
I could go on. Is it possible that I could be Hypothyroid and still have TSH levels in the normal range?
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Forgot to mention that I also suffer from Classic Migraine quite badly.
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You can have what is called sublcinical symptoms but may not be that either .. if you do a google search lots come up with that subclinical symptom typed in ... some do much better on trial of Synthroid while others don't feel anything diffrent .. and finding a dr, to listen is oftentimes tough!

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Many of your symptoms may be related to the anemia.

Is the doctor prescribing iron?

The TSH is "subclinically" hypo. My endo believes anything over 2.5 is too high. Here is a link. It is also posted on Health Pages on the upper right of this screen.

The Evidence for a Narrower Thyrotropin Reference Range Is Compelling
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Would it be an idea if my levels are subclinical to try a sea kelp - iodine supplement in order to try and stimulate my thyroid?
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Iodine is not always a god idea. It can make the problem worse.
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Yes Iodine is inconsistant - when you use these supplements to balance out the thyroid - it can become a serious issue. and you could have other things going on that may not be totally thyroid related.

If anything I would tell your doctor regarding the sub clincial idea - and let him know you suffer more hypothryoid symptoms becaus of this. Many doctors choose not to treat at this level - but maybe if you keep explaining - he will prescribe meds.

They are in the medical field to give people help - when they feel sick--- right?
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What ever happen? Bc I have the same thing and they decided to check my thyroid antibodies and sure enough I have Hashimoto disease which is low thyroid BUT the thyroid is still working to a point so I suffer from all the low thyroid side effects.  My son also has it too except he ended up with goiters (2) which caused his thyroid to function improperly so he IS on synthroid and will probably have his thyroid removed once he is don't seeing a pediatric endocrinologist and switches to an adult endo.  I'm just curious if they ever figured out your case.  Always always be proactive and listen to your gut.  I didn't stop until they found it bc my son was gaining so much  weight and I was miserable!
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