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Could it be a thyroid problem anyway?

Someone fix me please.

Lower back and pelvic pain - Extremely painful in the morning. back, legs, neck everything. My back feels like it is curving inward really deep and no matter what I do to stretch it (try to curl in a ball ) nothing helps except getting out of bed and walking around for an hour or so. back, legs, neck everything.   Lessens through out the day but still there in back, pelvis & neck but not too bad.  Body feels weak all the time.  
CRP and ESR high.

Extreme gas everyday no matter what I eat.

Psorisis or excema of the scalp.

Weird head aches in temples.  Also alot of sinus headaches and infections.  No allergies this season - I think it is the DHEA.  

Legs go numb and tingling after a few minutes of sitting.

Dhea is helping with staying awake and not having to take a nap everyday.  Getting really angry gives me some energy but then I crash about 1/2 hour after I get mad.  So I have to clean really fast.  Extremely low DHEA Levels.

Fattest I have ever been but all thyroid tests are fine.

Bad hair days - Wirey weird some times - feels like melted plastic.  Hairdresser never felt anything like it - then it just went away and comes back on occasion.  This never happened before and I was a permed, dyed hairball from the 80's and this is nothing like regular run of the mill overprocessed hair.

Extremely oily hair and face - probably due to DHEA.

I woke up one day - a great day - and all these problems were gone.  I was losing weight, my depression lifted and I had not one ache in my whole body.  I felt as strong as an ox and planning my wonderful summer ahead.   I was so happy for a few weeks I thought finally its all over and I can be happy and have fun again.

I was pregnant and had no idea.

All the symptoms went away the minute I became pregnant and returned with a vengance after I delivered.  

Somebody fix me.  Please!

CRP and ESR high.

Low blood pressure 90/60 is about average for me.  Except when pregnant - goes to 120/80 or so.


Adrenal is supposed to make dhea and it is not.  Extremely low without taking supplements. last reading without supplements was 91 should have been somewhere around 1000.

Arthritis in lower/middle back.

Borderline on antibody test.

Thryoid tests all normal.

173 lbs. now and was 170 when I got pregnant and felt great.  So it is not the weight.    There is something wrong.  But no one can tell me what.  This has been going on for 7 years and is getting worse.

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I really don't have the knowledge for your symptoms and lab tests, other than that your high CRP and ESR indicates inflammation.
I assume that you are seeing a good endocrinologist for your adrenal problem? If not, go looking for one.
Have you had a battery of tests for autoimmune disease?
Do you know what your "normal" thyroid TSH number was? If it was over 3, you probably want it retested to see if it has climbed.
Do your pain spots match up with the tender points experienced by people with Fibromyalgia?
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I sounds like an adrenal issue. Trying to get an "western" dr to address that is difficult, as it is not taught as a real problem in med school. Or so I have read....

Have you researched adrenals, which I am pretty sure you have....
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HAve you thought about seeing a chiropractor for you  back?
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