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Could it be cancer?

I went to an endo recently just to have my thyroid checked, due to another doctor saying it might be a bit enlarged.  I have had difficulty losing weight, felt fatigued, have alternating dry hair, always extremely dry skin, but those were the only "symptoms" of anything that might be wrong.  Endo thought he felt a nodule, so he sent me for bloodwork, which supposedly came back normal, an ultrasound and a thyroid uptake and nuclear medicine scan (uptake and nuc med scan were just done Tues/Wed).  On the US, the tech said one side of my thyroid was bigger than the other.  On the uptake test, the tech said that was all normal.  Because I was so worried, she showed me my nuclear med scan and said although she isn't allowed to interpret, the nodule was "hot."  Now I'm waiting for results and I am scared to death I have cancer.  Has anyone had a similar experience?  I've been reading everything I can find, but would really like some input from someone with personal experience.

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Hot is better than cold BUT with that said most nodules are not cancerous.  Almost estimated that 50% of people have thyroid nodules and most people dont even know it.  Given your symptoms and you have a hot nodule I am guessing you are probably going to be diagnosed with thyroid disease and put on meds.  No need to worry.
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Please post the results and reference ranges for thyroid tests that were done, in order for members to give you the best response.
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There is only a 5-15 % chance it is cancerous, so relax until you get more information.  Usually your thyroid is bigger on one side than the other, rarely are they the same.  Don't worry, I know that is easy for me to say.  I had hot nodules in 2001, I did not have any trouble until this year, so anything that is trouble will probably be slow growing anyway.  And if by chance it is cancer, it is nearly 100% curable.  Keep your eyes on the nodule, watch it if it grows, if you have any strange symptoms, but relax.  When it gets to be over 1 cm, or if  it is already, they can do a Fine Needle Biopsy, (FNA) which can tell you more, but sometimes that is not diagnostic.
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Thank you all for your comments.  I don't have any of the specific numbers/results yet.  I'm waiting on the doctor's office to call so I can try to get more information.  I know the blood tests were supposedly normal and the uptake was normal.  I guess I'm hoping the tech was right that it is a "hot" nodule.  They should know what they are looking at, right?

Have any of you felt like there was something in your throat with these nodules?  I often feel like someone is pressing their finger at the bottom of my throat, where this is all going on.  It doesn't happen all the time, but of course it's happening today, so it's got me more concerned.  Also, today I keep having to clear my throat, and since difficulty swallowing and hoarseness or feeling the need to clear the throat are possible symptoms of cancer, it just worries me that much more.

Thank you all again for responding and for answering quickly. I'll post more info as soon as I get it from the doctor.
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