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Cytomel Turned On Me...?


I would very much appreciate some feedback on my low FT3 problem.

Last June, after being on a steady dose of 75mcg Tirosint plus 5mcg Cytomel 2x per day since 2013, my Endo and I decided to try additional 5mcg of Cytomel to see if it could increase my lagging FT3 level of 2.8 (range 2.0-4.4) and because of my continuing Hypo symptoms.

A few days after including the additional 5mcg (5mcg 3x per day spaced 6 hours apart) all hell broke loose and felt extreme jitters, heart-pounding, sweats, anxiety, couldn't sleep - starting 20 minutes after dosing with Cytomel.

So, first we dropped back down to 2x per day, but symptoms continued. Slowly knocking down the dose over the next 2 months did not help. Finally DXd the Cytomel and the symptoms mostly went away.

Now  FT3 is running at the low end of normal, FT4 is lowish - my TSH is 'wonderful' according to my Endo... nevermind the ongoing Hypo symptoms.

TSH 1.29 (.45-4.50)
FT3 2.20 (2.0-4.4) (3.6-4.4 would be upper 1/3 of range)
FT4 1.16 (.82-1.77) (1.295 would be mid-point)

We tried 'reintroducing' 2.5mcg of Cytomel a couple of months ago and it immediately brought back the hyper sypmtoms. Then tried upping the Tirosint a bit by adding one extra 75mcg per week - that had the same effect as the Cytomel.

So now in a holding pattern with low FT3 and Hypo symptoms continuing. Has anyone had any experience with not being able to increase their FT3 with the meds? Why would adding that small bit of Cytomel cause such drastic change in symptoms?
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It's not unusual for symptoms to worsen for a short time when increasing/changing meds... Perhaps, instead of dosing the cytomel 3 times daily, try splitting that 3rd pill and simply adding it to your other doses, making each one 7.5 mcg... only I'd start out by making only one of them 7.5 mcg until I got used to it...

It's hard to say why you had such a reaction, other than the fact that some people are very sensitive to meds.  

If it were me, I'd back off until everything leveled off, then try making the morning dose 7.5 mcg and get used to that before adding any more.  I take my morning dose anywhere between 5:30 am and 7:00 am (I try to keep it around 6:00 am) and my afternoon dose between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm (I try to keep it around 1:00)... It's not recommended to take T3 med after about 3:00 pm because it can interfere with sleep...
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